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We are The Maydays

We are The Maydays, an award-winning improvised comedy company with bases in Brighton and London. We offer brilliant, acclaimed performances and life-changing tuition in improvised comedy - the creation of scenes and songs in the moment with the power to make people laugh, cry and think.


Friday 3rd July, 8pm, The Maydays present Tonight’s Top Story, Komedia Brighton BOOK NOW

Sunday 12th July, 8pm, The Maydays July Jam Session,Rialto Theatre, Brighton Donations! More Info

Saturday 1st August, 9pm, Oh Boy! The Quantum Leap Show – Edinburgh Fringe PREVIEW show, Rialto Theatre, Brighton BOOK NOW

The Maydays Shows

Oh Boy! Quantum Leap Show


The Last Ten Years

Tonight's Top Story

The Maydays Presents

The Seagull Has Landed

The Fringe Show

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Reviews of some of our shows

  • Sometimes inspired, always great, occasionally laceratingly funny, and at times deeply affecting.

    — Fringe Guru —
  • One of the best improvised shows out there, and you get the feeling that any of these actors could easily hold their own with the likes of Merton, Frost and Jupitus… a must see.

    — Chortle —
  • The Maydays are England’s vanguard of long-form improvisation.

    — Jason Chin, iO Chicago —
  • The Maydays are an improv ensemble firmly committed to artistic growth and challenge unwilling to settle for simply being awesome. It makes them exciting to watch and a pleasure to work with.

    — Rich and Rebecca Sohn of The Annoyance, Chicago —
  • They’re funny, confident, imaginative, charming and not afraid of making themselves look ridiculous. They will turn your secrets and stories into something to make you laugh your socks off. Go see them if you can.

    — Fringe Review —
  • First class improv-comedy.

    — The Latest —
  • The energy and enthusiasm from the five performers had the audience laughing and cheering at their rapid wit, sharp satire and clever characterisation.

    — A Younger Theatre —
  • There is no doubt The Maydays are a reputable and extremely talented group, the task they undertake to provide on the spot entertainment is no small feat and is most definitely achieved through astonishing ease and enthusiasm.

    — We Love Brighton —

Comedy Classes



Weekly Drop In

Where: Unitarian Church Hall (entrance to left of the Church), New Road, Brighton.

When: Every Thursday night, 8pm – 10pm

The drop-in is a wide ability class, so everyone is welcome! It is ideal for people trying improvisation for the first time, or more experienced players who want to work on core skills. The atmosphere is accessible, fun and non-judgemental and you will find yourself doing things you never thought you could.

Prebook via our merchandise page

Or Just turn up and play!

£12 on the door (or £80 for 10 classes, £150 for 25)
No need to book

Beginners Improv Comedy

Unleash your creative potential and increase your confidence with improvised comedy! ‘Improv’ uses no scripts or prepared material. Comedy is created in the moment: a playful and liberating experience, which is both very funny and helpful for overcoming creative blocks. The weekly course is suitable for both beginners and those with some acting or comedy experience, and culminates in a show for friends and family on the 11th week.

Where: Evolution Arts, Sillwood Terrace, Brighton

When: Autumn 2015 TBC

Price: £142 (£121 concessions)



Intermediate Improv Comedy

Level 2 of the Maydays shortform improvised comedy courses.
This course will go more deeply into the techniques that makes makes improvisation games fly! Character, object work, wordplay, physical comedy. Learn more about the kind of games you like and your own improv superpowers.
We’ll also be looking at some of the trickier performance games out there and shifting the focus onto directing your own shortform show. The course culminates in a show for friends and family.

Where: BHASVIC, Brighton

When: October 2015 TBC

Price: £175

Longform Improvisation Level 1

The Maydays are one of the UK’s top improv companies and have trained with tutors from I.O, UCB, The Annoyance and Montreal Improv amongst others to develop their own unique style.
In this intro to longform, the emphasis moves away from games and towards a more fluid and versatile kind of improvised comedy and theatre.  We will teach you techniques to create whole shows from a simple one-word suggestion, a monologue, or even newspaper article. 

You will learn how to create longer, more subtle and detailed scenes and explore a much wider range of improv possibilities. We also offer you the freedom to create your own new forms with the guidance of experienced members of The Maydays.

“I enjoyed most, the energy that long form improv gave me, and therefore the freedom almost to be myself. Life requires so many roles and here i could be all of them. The biggest challenge was sticking to a format, a story with links. Inevitably more rewarding in the long run, especially with other team support. I have got a lot of confidence out of the course, lots of understanding of me. Great fun, freedom, a chance to release, and just loads of fun! I also found it hard which was good, and i want more and more challenges like this. Loved it!”

Where: BHASVIC, Brighton

When: Autumn 2015 TBC

Price: £175

Advanced Short Courses

Advanced Musical Shortform with Heather and Joe 4 Tues from 02/06/15



Weekly Drop In

Two and a half hours of improvisation fun! Working on the skills at the heart of improvisation, such as listening, making offers and committing to your choices, each week you will go a little further into improvisation. Led by a super-experienced teacher, the Maydays drop in is a safe, supportive environment in which to push yourself into things you never thought you could accomplish.
The drop-in is a wide ability class, but is specifically aimed at newer improvisers, or more experienced players who want to work on core skills. The atmosphere is accessible, fun and non-judgmental.

Where: The Nursery Training Centre, 88 Borough High Street, SE1 1XU

When: Saturdays 1-3.30pm

Price: £12 advance, or £15 on the door.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Classes are limited to 14 students and no guarantee is made of a place if you do not book.


Longform Music Advanced Short Courses

Three week bitesize classes for students who have already done a beginners’ course or equivalent. Taught by Katy Schutte with musician Tom Hodge.

Where: TBC

When: Autumn 2015 TBC

Price: £73.50

Creating a Form (working as a team to create an original long form musical form) BOOK HERE

Please email for more details on future London Courses


Weekly Drop In

Liverpool Comedy Improv is a new Drop-in workshop for anyone who wants to explore Comedy Improvisation brought to you in association with The Maydays. These weekly 2 hr workshops will explore principles of improv, ideas, games, scenes, character, and play. And lots and lots of laughter. Come and have a go for yourself! All levels of (in)experience welcome!
Liverpool Comedy Improv sessions are led by Emma Bird, an improviser, teacher, performer for many a year, trained by the Maydays, and co-founder of The Hee Ha’s who regularly perform in Brighton


Where: The Magnet, 45 Hardman Street, L1 9AS Liverpool

When: Mondays 7 – 9pm

Price: £6/5 Concessions  – with prepay discounts available (10 classes for the price of 8 and 25 classes for the price of 15)


7th Annual Maydays Improv Retreat 23rd-27th September 2015

Osho Leela, Dorset

“This place is amazing – it’s like Hogwarts for improvisers.”
– Improv Retreat attendee, 2014

This September, join the award-winning Maydays improv troupe – and about 70 other talented, creative people just like you – for five days of laughter and learning in a grand old house in the Dorset countryside.

Each day you’ll pick from a taster’s choice of amazing classes, building your own curriculum based on the areas you want to work on. From short-form to Harolds, from Shakespeare to Sondheim, from cerebral game-y stuff to unhinged primal craziness, you get to choose your own adventure. In addition to all this amazing improv, accommodation and delicious food are all included, so it’s great value for money.

Whether you’re new to improv, a seasoned veteran, or somewhere in between, you’ll come away from this residential week refreshed, energised and inspired.

Come away with us. It’s an unforgettable experience.

Full retreat info HERE

Where: Osho Leela, Dorset

When: 23rd-27th September

Please Contact Osho Leela to book the September Festival

2nd Annual Improv Spring Intensive March 2016 tbc

Sharpen your improv skills at the creative hotbed that is Osho Leela. If you want to raise your game as an improviser then this is the place. The Maydays have worked with the best teachers we could find and have gathered a formidable arsenal of techniques. Classes are split between pick and mix sessions, and focused time spent in groups. There will be personal feedback and coaching throughout the intensive and an explosion of showcases at the end. We will also laugh a lot.

‘Imagine a school where you woke up every morning and had breakfast with fascinating people, most of whom are incredibly funny creative geniuses. Imagine a school where you looked at the day’s timetable and were disappointed that you could not attend EVERY lesson as they were all just too brilliant. Imagine a school where you hoped that a chance fault in the space-time continuum would mean that the lessons would never end. Imagine a school that you didn’t want to leave at the end of the day! Thanks Maydays – I’ve now mentally replaced the memory of my own dull, grey schooling with the rainbow-technicolour memories of last week.’
Steve Chapman

Where: Osho Leela, Dorset

When: March 2016 dates tbc

Prices: tbc – but see our Improv Retreat for ball park figures


Some reviews of our classes

  • It’s the bravest, most fun and most impactful course I’ve ever done. Being pushed out of my comfort zone and enjoying it. I loved laughing for 2 hours straight every week! It has also changed me into more of a ‘yes and’ person as I feel more comfortable with whatever might come my way!

    — ELENA —
  • The Maydays are one of the Best Groups I have had the Pleasure to Watch, Teach, as well as Perform with…GO and STUDY with These Folks…You Will Learn Improvisation!!!!

  • It has been such an incredible experience from start to finish. To go from being so nervous and over whelmed in the first class to doing a show to be proud of by the end was an amazing journey to go through. I would recommend anyone who wants to explore their own sense of humor to go for it, you’re guaranteed to laugh! Our teachers, helped us from the very beginning by encouraging us not to worry or be afraid. There is still a little fear but the course has made me ‘feel the fear and do it anyway

    — JO —
  • The atmosphere of acceptance in the group was probably the best thing. The instructors showed real leadership in that regard, which was then something the group could take on and nurture and I feel it is helping with the freedom to be myself.
    It’s a very supportive, enabling atmosphere to be in, you will have a lot of fun, laugh a lot, and meet a lot of very nice people.

    — ARTHUR —
  • The course felt like being in hot bath after a particularly hard game of rugby. Painful and challenging to get in but warm, cosy, protecting and most rewarding the more you stayed there. For me it was a hot bath that never went cold. Feeling like you were part of a group; the, “I got your back,” mentality nurtured by your teaching and developed throughout the weeks was amazing.

  • The course was excellently put together and the teachers were so professional and funny. I have never laughed so much on a Wednesday. I would recommend it to anyone after some confidence boosting and a good giggle

    — Andy Jackson —
  • Learning improv with the Maydays feels like the most spoiled I’ve been in years. Having a world-class award-winning company on your doorstep is an ace that not many people are dealt, so you’re going to have to ask yourself whether you want to pass up the opportunity to learn the black magic of improv comedy from true masters of the art. Do you? No, I didn’t either – and thank God, because it turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life so far. Whether you want to gain confidence, learn how to be funny, figure out new ways of being creative, meet amazing new people, or just fancy dumping your life for a couple of hours a week and laughing your socks off, I’d highly recommend it – and get booked up quick because they always sell out.

    — Nicola Tann —
  • What an amazing inspirational week! Thanks Maydays for putting it all together, I think you’ve possibly created the best festival in the whole world ever. I hope to make it part of my life for every year ever and am going to tell everyone about it constantly.

    — Steve Roe, Hoopla —
  • Imagine a school where you woke up every morning and had breakfast with fascinating people, most of whom are incredibly funny creative geniuses. Imagine a school where you looked at the day’s timetable and were disappointed that you could not attend EVERY lesson as they were all just too brilliant. Imagine a school where you hoped that a chance fault in the space-time continuum would mean that the lessons would never end. Imagine a school that you didn’t want to leave at the end of the day! Thanks Maydays – I’ve now mentally replaced the memory of my own dull, grey schooling with the rainbow-technicolour memories of last week.

    — Steve Chapman —
  • Every single second was purely amazing (and its hard to remember them all in the right order). Performing in front of a welcoming, encouraging and effusive audience was really special. The Maydays who make themselves so easily accessible for discussions, questions and god knows what. The people.

    — Brian Quinn —
  • I really enjoyed the course & had alot of fun having the opportunity to let go, be silly, have fun, nothing being ‘wrong’. The Maydays are great teachers & a great team together. They offer a great mix of expertise in improv, challenging the group but also naturally supporting the group too. Well done & thank you!

    — Faye Phillips —
  • I enjoyed meeting a warm and friendly group of people with varied backgrounds, spending time with them and seeing them grow, the guaranteed laughter and seeing people do absolutely ridiculous things every week and then doing something utterly ridiculous myself. Also being encouraged and made to feel safe by the tutors. Enjoying their energy and experience.

    — John Jones —


The maydays show experience

Add a touch of personalised humour to your event with a bespoke show. Inspired by your anecdotes, specific systems or characters, The Maydays will create a unique musical show that really captures the essence of your company. Whatever the event we can guarantee unforgettable entertainment that will be talked about for years.

What we offer
    • Corporate Entertainment
    • Private Functions
    • Conference Entertainment
    • After Dinner Show
More Info

The maydays training experience

Improvisation is fast becoming the tool of choice for businesses who want to improve productivity. The simple philosophy behind it is the key to the creative, flexible thinking and communication that is at the heart of a successful company. The Maydays will guide you through a set of carefully selected exercises and show you how the skills can directly transfer to your workplace.

What we offer
    • Communication
    • Teambuilding
    • Leadership
    • Innovation
More Info

Training and show experience

If you’re looking for something different to inspire your team The Maydays offer a unique opportunity to learn basic improvisation techniques, followed by the chance to perform on stage with professional improvisers. We provide a supportive environment to ensure that, whilst absorbing key skills, you experience the thrill of creating comedy in the moment with this unrivalled bonding opportunity.

What we offer
    • Away Days
    • Business Retreats
    • Brand Launches
    • Bespoke Events
More Info

  • John Cremer and his Mayday colleagues bring events to life in dazzling and unexpected ways. Their ability to bring out the improvising talents of random members of an audience is uncanny and inspirational. They electrify audiences with spur-of-the-moment improvisations that are variously dramatic, entertaining and hilarious

    — Michael Dodd, Broadcast Journalist, Media Trainer and International Speaker —
  • The Maydays’ show was definitely the highlight of our event. They got the mood of the audience immediately and presented a great, high level show which was both clever and extremely funny at the same time. Best of all was their enormous sense of fun, which was completely contagious for the audience.

    — Tomas Marcenaro, Lynx Global Brand Director, Unilever —
  • The laughter was continual and we were all surprised at the depth of learning and the practical value of the skills we acquired. Our team still talk about the event and we have certainly bonded as a group. We are already planning a follow-up session.

    — Andy North, The Catering People —
  • A truly magical experience…powerful in its simplicity. Hundreds of applications to how we work with each other and our clients…never thought it would be so relevant.

    — Susanna Mitterer, Managing Director of TMI —
  • Highly professional…please extend my admiration for their professionalism and my hopes that they will be working with us on many occasions in the future.

    — John Blaskey, Managing Director ofThe Exhibiting Agency —
  • The Maydays knew exactly how to take a simple idea and run with it until the audience were in stitches. Thank you for a great night of entertainment

    — Newham Academy of Music, East Ham, London —
  • The Maydays’ performance was the highlight of our clergy conference – hilarious, clever and pitched perfectly for the audience. They enthralled us by turning our suggestions and comments into comic turns and songs. The laughter never stopped and it was all totally appropriate – slightly cheeky but never offensive. They got the audience on their side from the start, and the mood of happiness and delight lingered long after they’d left the stage

    — The Rt Revd Graham James, Bishop of Norwich —
  • A fantastic and bloody brilliant, entertaining way of learning. I would be very interested in pursuing a course of sessions.

    — Mark Thriscott, The Speakologist —
  • Sarah and I really loved your act and the memory of the improvisation based on our daughter Meghan will last for years!

    — Sarah and David Clancy's 50th Birthday Party at Windlesham —


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