Improv for work

Improv and your 9-5

  By Rhiannon Vivian Let’s talk about work. Green party leader Caroline Lucas has just announced that she’d promote a four-day working week if she were in power. Some people have already criticized this (the main one being Brexit loving, Thatcherite, Tim Montgomerie) but I can’t understand why. Does having a rigid, toil based work…

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Improv classes and introverts

Improv classes: even for introverts?

We at The Maydays know that improv classes can have profound effects on people’s confidence, self respect and social skills in general but can they work for someone who identifies as an introvert?  Well we found out recently as one of our students, Jacqui Moorhouse, was moved to write a blog on the subject.  Here…

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Improv classes

Improv classes: Six lessons improv can teach you

We know that improv classes are not just about laughing and meeting people, but it is lovely to hear it direct from one of our students. We see our students go on their own journeys as they come back each week.  Some seem to gain confidence, others are less pushy, rude, quiet or awkward when on…

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Improv classes and how to survive them: Being Funny

You’ve signed up to an improv class which is a COMEDY course, so you really should be extra funny by week two, shouldn’t you? But Janet got 4.5 times more laughs than you and Dave, well Dave might just as well book his ‘Live at the Apollo’ gig right now. You know what you need…

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Craig Cackowski and Improv

  Katy has been a member of the Maydays for 12 years. She met LA’s Craig Cackowski (2nd from left) at the OOB comedy and improv Festival in Austin, Texas playing in an Armando show in 2015. She took an improv class with him then and has been enjoying his insights ever since. At the…

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2016 Maydays Improv Retreat – Jason Chin Scholarship

 by Ed Pithie  I was generously granted the full Jason Chin Scholarship to the September 2016 Maydays Improv Retreat. I planned to sanctify my notebook with the sacred teachings of the Maydays and bring the Good Word back to the folk of Horley, where I run a weekly drop-in. I can honestly say that the…

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Jason Chin Scholarship – March Improv Intensive 2017

The Maydays are awarding a scholarship to the Maydays Improv Intensive  (22nd – 26th March) in memory of our friend, teacher and mentor Jason Chin. Jason was a huge influence on the development and spirit of the Maydays. At a practical level our show, “Tonight’s Top Story”, was blatantly stolen from the format of “Whirled…

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Improvisation classes: Tips from the experts

Improvisation Classes: Using good techniques to avoid bad reviews. Improvisation classes are popping up everywhere nowadays and the participants are from extraordinarily diverse sectors of society.  Many improv schools have their own flavour of improvisation techniques and styles so choosing which class to attend can be tricky.  One of the most important factors is having…

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An improv workshop with Jorin Garguilo

Jorin’s improv workshop

by Rhiannon Vivian ‘Eliminate self motivation and take care of each other,’ – Jorin Garguilo, the ‘Space Hippie’ After years of invaluable training and trying out different methods, schools of playing, tools, tricks and tips (all of which chug away in your subconscious) in recent times I’ve ended up actively focusing on just one thing…

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How To Improve Communication Skills with Three Quick Exercises

How To Improve Communication Skills with Three Quick Exercises   Improvisers actively practise their communication skills as a warm-up for rehearsing and performing comedy and theatre shows. Many of these exercises improve communication as well as being quick, fun and easy for anyone to play and practise in their work life.  Listen Fully    Listening is the…

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