Why you should go to a European improv festival

We have been lucky enough to be invited to many of the European Improv Festivals to teach and perform over the last few years.  Having the chance to travel and do the thing we love is the dream really for many of us.  Find out how one of our band – Chris Mead feels about…

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Maydays Spring Intensive 2017 – Jason Chin Scholarship Blog.

by Jamie Lee First Impressions: It’s an average Wednesday afternoon in late March and I’m trudging the platforms at Clapham Junction weathering the crowd controlled confusion of a ‘CANCELLED SERVICE’ announcement. Sporadic splutterings of rain breeze by in a lightly suppressive mood but these irregular arrivals and departures can do little to diminish my own…

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Improv shows

Improv Shows at the Brighton Fringe: Heather’s ill-informed guide

  Improv is all about supporting your scene partner so let’s get out there and support our fellow improvisers by checking out their improv shows in the Brighton Fringe this month. Since I am not allowed to read the full Fringe Brochure (because of The Maydays ‘Fringe Show) this list is based on the results…

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Longevity for your Improv Company

Katy Schutte, one of our longest serving improvisers has written a wonderful piece about how to stay together as an improv company through thick and thin. Whether it is celebrating each other’s successes or committing to working out problems openly and honestly, here are some great tips on how to survive the inevitable storms and…

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Improv Classes for Students

Improv classes:A student’s view

by Tony Lowe   I am a student studying philosophy politics and ethics. It’s a weighty subject full of debates and essays that seems to be nothing like improv… we can’t just say what we want, everything we argue must be backed up by reasons and a lot of what we do is pre-meditated. We…

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Improv for work

Improv and your 9-5

  By Rhiannon Vivian Let’s talk about work. Green party leader Caroline Lucas has just announced that she’d promote a four-day working week if she were in power. Some people have already criticized this (the main one being Brexit loving, Thatcherite, Tim Montgomerie) but I can’t understand why. Does having a rigid, toil based work…

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Improv classes and introverts

Improv classes: even for introverts?

We at The Maydays know that improv classes can have profound effects on people’s confidence, self respect and social skills in general but can they work for someone who identifies as an introvert?  Well we found out recently as one of our students, Jacqui Moorhouse, was moved to write a blog on the subject.  Here…

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Improv classes

Improv classes: Six lessons improv can teach you

We know that improv classes are not just about laughing and meeting people, but it is lovely to hear it direct from one of our students. We see our students go on their own journeys as they come back each week.  Some seem to gain confidence, others are less pushy, rude, quiet or awkward when on…

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Improv classes and how to survive them: Being Funny

You’ve signed up to an improv class which is a COMEDY course, so you really should be extra funny by week two, shouldn’t you? But Janet got 4.5 times more laughs than you and Dave, well Dave might just as well book his ‘Live at the Apollo’ gig right now. You know what you need…

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Craig Cackowski and Improv

  Katy has been a member of the Maydays for 12 years. She met LA’s Craig Cackowski (2nd from left) at the OOB comedy and improv Festival in Austin, Texas playing in an Armando show in 2015. She took an improv class with him then and has been enjoying his insights ever since. At the…

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