We run improvisation classes for all levels, from total beginners to advanced. Interested? You’ve come to the right place! Find out everything you need to know below.

Improv is a form of comedy theatre where everything is made up in the moment. Unplanned and unscripted, everything is invented on the fly, from the dialogue, action and story to the characters. In workshops and shows, suggestions are often taken from the audience to get the improvisers started. It’s fun, silly collaborative and hugely satisfying!

From short form to long form, to music and performance courses, The Maydays have something for everyone. And if you’re more advanced, we’ve got that covered too. We loosely grade our courses Levels 1-5 (one being the easiest), but this is more of a helpful guide than a requirement.

Have a look below to find out what we’ve got coming up that might suit you. And if you’re still not sure, feel free to drop us a line any time.

Short Form is a style of improv that’s all about playing improvised ‘games’ on stage. Very much like Who’s Line is it Anyway, Short Form games are short, silly and typically unrelated. Unlike stand-up it’s not about cracking jokes. It’s about working together like a bunch of ninjas, to surprise and delight yourselves!

Long Form is about creating longer, more subtle and detailed scenes that often connect, creating a full-length piece of improvised comedy theatre. Just like the Maydays perform themselves. Whole shows are made in the moment, from audience suggestions.

Musical Improv is all about making up melodies and lyrics in the moment. Just like Short Form or Long Form it can be more game-focused or be woven into a full-length show to create an entire musical, depending on the course you take.

Beginners Improvised Comedy Course
3rd April 2019
Brighton, UK
The Maydays Beginners Shortform Improvisation Comedy Course Level 1 of The Maydays shortform improvised comedy courses Unleash your creative potential and increase your confidence with improvised comedy! Great for all levels and abilities, improv uses no scripts or prepared material. Comedy is created in the moment: a playful and liberating experience, which is both very...
Saturday Improv Comedy Drop-In London
25th May 2019
London, UK
Three hours of improvisation fun! Working on the skills at the heart of improvisation, such as listening, making offers and committing to your choices, each week you will go a little further into improvisation. Led by a super-experienced teacher, the Maydays drop in is a safe, supportive environment in which to push yourself into things you never thought you could accomplish.
Thursday Improv Comedy Drop-In Brighton
30th May 2019
Brighton, UK
The Brighton weekly improv comedy drop in is ideal for people trying improv for the first time, or more experienced players who want to work on core skills.
Musical Improv Comedy Drop-In Brighton
2nd June 2019
Brighton, UK
Your Sunday Musical joy ride is here! Two hours of improvising musicals with some of the most experienced teachers on the improv scene.   For an audience, it looks like a miracle, for the performer it feels like flying. Starting from a single word, you will be creating scenes that magically lead into complete songs!...
12th Annual Maydays Improv Retreat
18th September 2019
Dorset, UK
“This place is amazing – it’s like Hogwarts for improvisers.” How would you like to spend five days staying in a grand old house in the Dorset countryside, taking your choice of improv classes in the company of some of the most lovely and talented people you’ll ever meet? If this sounds good to you,...
The Maydays 6th Annual Intensive for Experienced Improvisers
25th March 2020
Dorset, UK
“It was truly amazing to be in this beautiful place, learning and laughing with so many lovely people. I really feel that the intensive focus from the Maydays teachers has transformed my improv game.” How would you like to spend four days in a grand old house in the Dorset countryside this spring, intensively studying...
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