14th Annual Improv Retreat: Meet Your Teachers

An image on the right is of a woman (the Maydays Liz Peters) standing in a spotlight on stage during a performance Happily Never After with arms held wide above her head in full song. Text to the right of the image reads: The Maydays 14th Annual improv retreat MEET Your Teachers - Liz Peters. themaydays.co.uk. @maydaysimprov

With our 14th Annual Improv Retreat fast approaching we checked in with our Maydays coming to play this year. Next up, our fabulous force of nature, Liz Peters…

What are you most looking forward to at MIR22?

The playfulness and creativity. It’s such a joyous atmosphere to be in and I love immersing myself with wonderful humans for a few days of play. The art form reaches a whole new depth at the residential that you don’t experience in an evening class in ‘real life’. When I arrive it’s like being shot out of a glorious cannon – nothing else matters for those few days!

What advice would you give to complete newbies to our retreats?

Enjoy the ride. It will go by in a flash! The nature of this retreat is that you get to try a lot of different things so embrace that opportunity to have a go at something surprising.  It is truly the most supportive environment to take some chances.  Enter in with an open heart and mind, keep what you like and discard the things that don’t chime so much.  Also, don’t be afraid to give yourself breaks and time off – it can be full-on. You’re there to have a good time and that means taking care of your energy.

Which Mayday is the messiest to room with?

Jen, and also secretly me but I make a special effort to be tidy when I’m sharing. So I think no-one knows the truth… maybe! ha ha!

Which Mayday is tidiest to room with?

I’m endlessly impressed by how tidy some people naturally are, despite the creative whirlwinds of their minds. Tidiness is a real effort for me so everyone else seems like a spick and span legend.

Do you have one stand-out experience from a previous retreat?

I loved doing the Rock Opera Through Hell – that was a rip-roaring delight I’ll remember forever!

7 of the Maydays in rock attire perform on stage at the maydays 12th annual improv retreat a 'rock opera through hell'

Also, I recall a very intimate class where we were playing with underscore and emotional connection. The scenes were exquisite. So much trust and space and vulnerability. Stunning examples of how powerful improv can be, how electric. I’m tingling now remembering the feelings that were created.


How would you sum up The Maydays retreat experience in 3 words?

Uplifting. Enriching. Supportive.

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You can join Liz and our other Maydays at this year’s 14th Annual Improv Retreat from 20th-23rd October, but you’ll have to grab a place quickly, as we only have a few places available! Info and booking here.

Our Jason Chin diversity Scholarship applications are open until the 1st of October, check details for application here.