14th Annual Improv Retreat: Meet Your Teachers

An image on the right is of a man and woman (the Maydays John Cremer and Heather Urquhart) the man stands holding a cup with the contents splashed down his shirt looking disgruntled, the woman points at him laughing. Text to the right of the image reads: The Maydays 14th Annual improv retreat MEET Your Teachers - John Cremer. themaydays.co.uk. @maydaysimprov

With our 14th Annual Improv Retreat fast approaching we checked in with our Maydays coming to play this year. So let’s hear from the taciturn, one and only, Mr John Cremer!


What are you most looking forward to at MIR22?

Full immersion into improv joy


What advice would you give to complete newbies to our retreats?

Say hello to the first Mayday you see and have a chat. Enjoy the ride!


A woman (The Maydays Liz Peters) wears glasses and a big smile with long light brown hair down and a red v-neck t-shirt, besides her stands a man (The Maydays John Cremer) wearing a big smile and a blue t-shirt with a grey maydyas hoodie. Both stand outside a grand building (The Maydays improv retreat venue, Ashorne Hill)

The Maydays Liz Peters & John Cremer in ‘Greet & Meet’ mode outside Ashorne Hill


Which Mayday is the messiest to room with?

I refuse to share a room with any of them


Which Mayday is tidiest to room with?



Give one stand-out experience from previous years

Seeing Lloydie guide a participant to absolutely nailing “game of the scene” and not cutting the scene for 10 painfully funny minutes

Black and white photo of a man (The Maydays Lloydie James Lloyd) with head back laughing and hands in clapping position whilst watching a scene in his class during the Maydays Improv Retreat 2017

Lloydie J Lloyd enjoying the scene!


How would you sum up The Maydays retreat experience in 3 words?

Intense. Supportive. Transformational


A black background with the words in white, INTENSE. SUPPORTIVE, TRANSFORMATIONAL. The Maydays lifering logo with the words 'Yes And' in the middle, separate the words


You can join John and our other Maydays at this year’s 14th Annual Improv Retreat from 20th-23rd October, but you’ll have to grab a place quickly, as we only have 4 rooms left! Info and booking here.

Our Jason Chin diversity Scholarship applications are open until the 1st of October, check details for application here.