14th Annual Improv Retreat: Meet Your Teachers

An image on the right is of a woman (the Maydays Rhiannon Vivian) lying on stage during a performance Happily Never After with her leg bent over her head wearing black and white striped tights. Text to the right of the image reads: The Maydays 14th Annual improv retreat MEET Your Teachers - Rhiannon Vivian. themaydays.co.uk. @maydaysimprov

Our 14th Annual Improv Retreat is less than 4 weeks away, so we’re checking in with our Maydays coming to play this year. So let’s hear from our smasher, Rhiannon Vivian


What are you most looking forward to at MIR22?

Having people inspire me AND crack me up with their ingenuity: participants and other teachers.


What advice would you give to complete newbies to our retreats?

It’s ok to feel nervous. But this will be such a joyful and welcoming experience those nerves will vanish very quickly. And even if they don’t, you’ll still want to do everything and every jam – high on a crest of support, love and creativity.


Which Mayday is the messiest to room with?

*Rhi is too nice to comment!


Which Mayday is tidiest to room with?

Probably me. I’m terrified of mess. Although sometimes I think my ‘order’ may be another person’s entropy!


Give one stand-out experience from previous years

The creativity of the participants. I think one year we had an improvised boy band whose set ended in an improvised strip. I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard at any other improv show! It was pure stupidity and a joy to watch.


How would you sum up The Maydays retreat experience in 3 words?

Tea. Laughter. Togetherness

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You can join Rhi and our other Maydays at this year’s 14th Annual Improv Retreat from 20th-23rd October, but you’ll have to grab a place quickly, as we only have a few places available! Info and booking here.


Our Jason Chin diversity Scholarship applications are open until the 1st of October, check details for application here.