14th Annual Improv Retreat: Meet Your Teachers

An image on the right is of a woman (the Maydays Jen Rowe) wearing glasses with hair tied back, she stands applauding with a big smile on her face. Text to the right of the image reads: The Maydays 14th Annual improv retreat MEET Your Teachers - Jen Rowe. themaydays.co.uk. @maydaysimprov

With our 14th Annual Improv Retreat fast approaching we checked in with our Maydays coming to play this year. So let’s hear from our cracker, Jen Rowe!


What are you most looking forward to at MIR22?

Connecting with improvisers I know AND new improv friends. Being delighted by participants’ ingenuity and creativity.


What advice would you give to complete newbies to our retreats?

Everyone feels awkward and nervous on the first day or two, whether you’ve come for years, you’re a facilitator or you’re brand new. But we’re all here to explore and discover joyful ways to create. Support other people: they’ll support you. Say hi, introduce yourself, look at the wall of photos – seek out the ones you haven’t met yet. Approach every class as a magpie – try new things and take away the shiny things that resonate with you. Play with new people, assume everyone wants you to have a good time and try to give other people the gift of having a great time in return. And, there are lots of places to hide away at Ashorne if you become overwhelmed by too many faces (we all do).


Which Mayday is the messiest to room with?

It would definitely be me. I am the messiest. But you know what they say, messy room: messy room.


Which Mayday is tidiest to room with?

I’ve roomed with Lloydie. I think it’s him. But it may simply be that he’s tidy in comparison to my messy.


Give one stand-out experience from previous years

Trying to do an Armando through a live link-up with Jason Chin in Chicago. The internet was terrible, he couldn’t hear anything we were saying, but at the time (before 2020) it was cutting edge.


How would you sum up The Maydays retreat experience in 3 words?

Support. Hysteria. Creation.

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You can join Jen and our Maydays at this year’s 14th Annual Improv Retreat from 20th-23rd October, but you’ll have to grab a place quickly, as we only have a few places available! But we’ve snagged a few more private single en-suite rooms, so if you’re not one for sharing a room, then we’ve new places for you to join us! Info and booking here.