Beyond Team Bonding. How Business Improv Training achieves results

Four people standing in a room. A woman in the centre has her hands raised.

The Maydays have been training people in all types of businesses, using improv, for the last 18 years. Business Improv training is one of those things that can be hard to sell in times of economic downturn, because superficially it sounds like a fun and frivolous activity, which might come under the category of ‘team building experience’ and be defined as non-essential.

We feel its benefits are much more profound than that, and that we achieve tailored outcomes which go far beyond having a laugh and cheering everyone up (and possibly setting Julie from accounts on the path to international stardom with her new-found comedy career).

It’s impactful stuff, and we see it affect desired changes in teams as well as individual lives and careers. But don’t let me tell you that. Here’s some of the feedback we’ve had from 18 years’ worth of training teams of people from the full gamut of backgrounds – from Blue Chip companies to small independent businesses. So let’s hear about the Maydays corporate training sessions from people at Nike, Creative Partnerships, Propellernet, Investec, Hult International Business School, The catering people, Allianz,  Unilever and Uber.

Business Improv Training is experiential learning but also enormous fun…

Everybody was knackered but really happy and many said the improv was the highlight of the off-site. Big thumbs up all around.

You were bloody brilliant, and the feedback has been great. THANK YOU for coming so far and giving so much.

It was never going to be an easy task doing an active activity with a bunch of hungover grumpy individuals, but the session was super fun.

I have had a whole load of positive feedback about the Maydays over the last two days so wanted to say a huge thank you once again for being so fantastic!

Definitely the highlight of our event!

There is something very powerful when a group of people achieves something together they didn’t think was possible. We can do that in a way that also makes people feel safe.

Everyone has a comfort zone. Taking yourself out of that is one of the most exhilarating things you can do. More people need to do that with The Maydays.

Your team provided a safe, comfortable and fun environment so people felt comfortable to share their shyness and discomfort around public speaking.

It was a very energising boost that we all got. We went from very shy and reserved to roaring with laughter, carried on a massive wave of energy. It was great!

It was a joyous morning – the creative agents are still buzzing about it and the feedback has been very positive all round. I particularly appreciated the way you structured the session so that we took risks in a manageable and safe way but ended up doing things we never expected when we began!

A large room with two lines of people facing each other and three people facing the camera at the endBusiness Improv Training is a very different experience, but one which can deliver specific client outcomes.

The session with was brilliant! It really was, they loved it. It covered all the themes that were discussed in the meeting in such a unique way. Thank you.

Our team took a lot from the session that they can apply in their work or life environment.

The laughter was continual and we were all surprised at the depth of learning and the practical value of the skills we acquired.

I think you hit the nail on the head of what we wanted. A lot of our team took the message of “collective responsibility” very seriously and collectively agreed we couldn’t leave people alone on the dance floor, and kept the party grooving until about 4am. We somewhat hold you responsible.

After all the fun, it was great to sit down and reflect on the cultural values and see that there were quite a few at play in the session.

Beyond Team Building

To return to the point at the beginning, of course our sessions are also amazingly effective for ‘team building’, as you’d imagine and this comes across in some of the above quotes too, though I could dedicate a whole blog to that kind of feedback in itself. If by ‘team building’ though we mean fostering good communication, and facilitating people to enjoy working together and the company they work for, then that isn’t frivolous, in this climate it’s essential. However, we recognise that for Training Managers there are other training needs that are easier to justify spending resources on, and I hope this has shown how improv training, when delivered in the right way and by the right team, can certainly help you achieve these outcomes.

Talk to us today about how we can meet your specific training needs in an extraordinary way.