Brighton Improv Classes Update: LARGER Classes SMALLER Prices

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We’ve had the best time playing in real life with our Brighton Improv community again. Our weekly improv drop-ins have been a delight with after class actual pints together in an actual pub!

7 improvisers catching up in a pub garden after their first in real life drop-in since 2019

First pints after our in real life drop-in in Brighton since 2019!

Our first monthly Musical improv drop-in was a blast and we’re super stoked to see so many of you back in beautiful harmony. But, we want to welcome more of you and get the cost of our classes down.

So with July 19th looming, we’re increasing class sizes to 12 as of August for the drop-ins. This means more faces, more joy and lower-priced tickets. We’re still not quite up to pre-pandemic class sizes of 16, but as restrictions ease, we’ll increase back to our usual capacity when it’s safe to do so.

We’re also able to cut the cost of our September courses with more attendees. So for those that have already booked for September, good news, we’ll be in touch with you individually to refund the difference, or you can keep it in the Maydays bank as class credit, whichever you prefer. 

Price reductions

If you are wanting to get involved in Brighton improv again and money is an issue for you please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us at [email protected] as we provide payment plans and scholarship options for anyone in need.


The Brighton improv drop-ins and our September courses will take place at BHASVIC. Great news about BHASVIC is that it’s accessible, has free parking and is nice and central with good transport links for locals or those travelling in.

Our monthly Musical drop-in and upcoming summer electives will be held at Open Space Studios. Accessible and great transport links and metered parking available.

Safety measures

We will be taking steps to make sure our classes are as safe as possible over the next few months, providing hand sanitiser upon entry, ensuring the classroom is well ventilated and keeping social distancing in place throughout the classes. Masks will not be worn during games and scenes and will be optional for those watching in the audience during exercises. You can check our COVID procedures for classes here.


The Brighton Drop-in will still be taught by members of The Maydays and friends.  In the Summer term expect to welcome back regular teachers, Jenny Haufek, Liz Peters, Harry Puckering, Jenny Rowe and Heather Urquhart. We’ll also have long time company member Jules Munns teaching for us as he is now living in the area AND we have appointed a NEW Maydays teacher. You’ll know the smasher, Jewel Haque from our collaboration work with our improvisers in arms at The Nursery. He’ll be a regular drop-in and elective teacher, so welcome Jewel, we’re super pleased to have you onboard The Maydays improv train! 


We will still be holding our teaching and classes to the same high standards we always have. In the last couple of years, we have trained up our teachers in courses including first aid, mental health first aid, deaf awareness training, Inclusion in improv and more.

Our teachers continue to further their own improv training themselves so we can bring you fresh new material alongside all the classic games you know and love. Our Brighton improv classes will also continue to be open to all but please get in touch to talk to us about any accessibility needs you have prior to the class if you would like to. 


We are looking forward to welcoming MORE of you back to the Brighton improv community. Check out our In Real Life Brighton offerings HERE or contact us with any queries at [email protected].

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