Brighton Improv Courses ‘In Real Life’ Autumn 2021

Brighton Improv Courses happening in Autumn 2021

Brighton Improv Courses ‘In Real Life’ Autumn 2021


It’s been a long time coming but finally we are able to schedule some ‘in real life’ Brighton Improv courses. I thought I’d write a little blog about what we have coming up and what you can expect.


When will Brighton Improv Courses start up again?

We did a little survey of our loyal Brighton fans. It seems like most of you wanted to wait until the Autumn before coming back to full improv courses in Brighton. So our Autumn term will run in line with the Sussex schools term, starting the week beginning September 13th.

If you can’t wait that long, we will have our Brighton drop in classes starting up again from June. You can read all about our plans for those here and book your tickets here.

What courses are you running?

We’ve tried to provide a little bit of everything for all improv tastes, so here is the menu:

Intro to Improv – Beginners course

We have had so many people contacting us asking about when they can try out improv ‘in real life.’ So we are putting on an intro course for those just starting out. Also good for those who had just started before the pandemic and are looking for a gentle way back in.

Our beginner’s courses are also CPD accredited so don’t forget to ask your employer if they can pay for the course for you 😉

We put on beginner’s courses several times a year and can also arrange private sessions for your workplace or organisation. Please get in touch if you’d like more info.

Longform and Musical Improv Refresher courses

For many of us, it will have been a long time since we got in a room and improvised so we are running refresher courses in Longform and Music to get rid of the rust and enjoy playing again.

Longform: There’s lots more information on the course booking page. In short, you can expect lots of scene work, longer pieces and a reminder of longform techniques and transitions.

Music: Read more and book here. Expect a reminder of song structures and all the musical things it’s just not possible to do online like singing in unison, harmony and of course some kick-ass choreo.

Organic Harold Course

Some of you will have been still doing your improv keepy uppies online. So for our more advanced students, we are offering this Organic Harold course which is brand new to our Brighton audience. The teacher, Jules Munns, will also be brand new to our Brighton students too. Jules has been with the Maydays forever but has recently relocated to Sussex and is looking forward to teaching the local community.

Why are the courses so long?

Longer courses have been very well received online and after such a long break we thought we’d try settling back in with courses that last a full school term of 12 weeks with a half-term break of 1 week.

Our beginners’ course will run at 6 weeks with an option of a second 6-week block but we hope these Autumn 2021 courses will really give the attendees a chance to reconnect, rebuild confidence get fully immersed back in the wonderful world of improv.

Why do they cost what they cost?

As the courses are both longer in length and lower in numbers (max 8, rather than our previous max of 16). The new prices reflect this to cover the costs. If we feel we can operate the courses safely with more students by the Autumn we plan to increase the maximum number of available places to 12 and lower the price to match.

As always, we do not want finances to be a barrier to entry for anyone. We have scholarship places available and are happy to offer payment plans for anyone who would prefer to pay in smaller instalments. Please get in touch on [email protected] to discuss your needs.

What will happen if the infection rate rises over the Summer?

It’s important to us to create a safe and comfortable learning environment. In the event that the infection rate goes back up, our in real life courses will move online until it is safe to be in the same physical space again.

What will happen in January 2022?

The Pandemic has really taught us to improvise! We’ll be taking nothing for granted and will experiment with tons of new content, course lengths and styles. We’ll be actively seeking feedback from all Brighton improvisers so please please tell us what you want and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

I don’t live in Brighton or anywhere nearby, what about meeeeeee?

There will still be lots of online courses for those who are based further afield or perhaps can’t get out to classes in real life for whatever reason. You can check out all our online offerings over on our courses page.



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