Business Improv Training

The Maydays delivering Improv Training at Brighton Chamber of Commerce

Improv Training: A Tailored Approach

This Pure Improv Training option is the most cost effective way of getting improvisation training into your organisation. We focus on the core skills of improvisation during the session and yet we still totally adapt our approach and content according to:

  • Your underlying objectives and the challenges you would like to address
  • The skill sets you are interested in developing or reinforcing
  • The people we encounter and their personalities
  • Emerging needs and the mood in the room on the day



An individual session can run for anything from a couple of hours to a half- or full day. The longer The Maydays are with you, the more profound the experience.  Many of our courses are CPD accredited so you know you are getting the best Business Improv Training out there.

Group size

Typically we will train groups of 8 – 24 to give maximum individual attention. We can train a number of groups in parallel, or one after the other. We can also combine this small-group training with a finale where all groups come back together for an end-of-day performance – see our Challenge page

The Maydays Trainers

The Maydays are one of the UK’s foremost improvisation comedy troupes. They enjoy worldwide fame within the world of improvisation and members of the cast appear regularly on TV, radio, and on London’s West End stage as well as performing improv and delivering business improv training in corporate environments. That means they deliver their improv sessions with humour, smiles and lots of positive energy. In spite of their fame and international reputation, all of the focus and attention is on your people. It’s all about making them feel safe, happy and confident – both in and out of their comfort zones! Meet The Maydays


More about Improv for Business

Improvisation is fast becoming recognised as the most efficient and exciting way to develop core business skills. Whether you need to focus on listening and communication skills, or trust and leadership, improvisation can provide the safe environment in which to explore different aspects of your own style.

Being spontaneous, creative and supportive within a safe environment is crucial training for when you need these core skills in the real world. Whether it’s delivering your presentation, or chairing a meeting, improvisation can help you make clear decisions in the moment and communicate your ideas effectively.


Contact us to tell us more about your requirements and we’ll come back to you within 1 working day with initial thoughts and suggestions.


Our other improv training formats

Improv Training Case Study at Propellernet, Brighton