The Importance of Business Improv games & exercises

Improv games and exercises are not only infinite in variety, but also never the same twice by their very nature.  There is no substitute for having an experienced Improv facilitator at your event, conference or workshop.  However, there will be times you need a quick burst of improv to wake up a room, bond a team quickly or just relax and laugh.  This is by no means exhaustive or definitive, but hopefully you can find something you need here for the right occasion.  This page is an ongoing work in progress.

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Improv Games for Everything/Everyone and Everywhere*

*It turns out there are a lot of things, people and places.  Therefore there may be some things, people and places we have not come up with improv games for.  Sorry.

Improv Games

Improv Games for Team Building

Improv Games provide a quick, lasting and deeply engaging solution to building a team that works well together.  Whether you are building a new team, helping a team to grow together or shaking up an existing team, improv training can provide a fast and lasting change.  You can read more about it in our blog about improv for team building.

Improv Games for Flexibility

Being flexible is about staying on your toes, being aware of others and being able to rely on your own resources of creativity, communication and confidence when the moment comes.  What better way to flex your flexibility muscles than some improv games…

Improv Games for Agility

Agility is all about being relaxed and aware.  It is no good being aware but tense.  A goalkeeper waiting to save a penalty is bouncing on their toes and getting in the zone.  This is the state to aim for when playing these improv games.  Relaxed, open and aware.

Improv Games for Group Dynamics

Group Dynamics are not just about building relationships in a team, but also basic finding out about each other.  How do people react in different situations?  Who can I rely on in a crisis?  Also finding out about ourselves.  Do I tend to lead or follow?  Do I give people space or try to push my own agenda?  These improv games will help you explore, practise and develop your group dynamics, and work on how you behave in a team.

Improv Games for Confidence

It can be an elusive quality, confidence.  It often comes when we don’t need it, and vanishes without trace when we do.  Sports psychologists have made a career out of training people to be confident, but if you have too much it can be even worse.  Here are some improv games that can help with your confidence.

Improv Games for Communication

Communication lies at the heart of relationships.  While many improv games and scenes rely on words for their ‘success’, there is far more going on with our body language and other cues that we may not even be aware of.  Keeping our senses aware and our attention outwards can vastly help how efficiently and productively we can communicate.

Improv Games for Presentation Skills

So many times in life we are required to stand up in front of people and speak, or react, or dance or sing.  Best man speech, pitching a new idea or even just a birthday at work.  It can be daunting.  We know that the people we like to listen to and watch when speaking are those who are at ease, relaxed and open.  The best public speakers stand out when things ‘go wrong’.  When the slide doesn;t work or the mic goes dead.  What happens then?  You rely on your improv skills that’s what.  These improv games for presentations skills should help.

Improv Games for Creativity and Innovation

Creativity lies at the heart of improvisation but it is hard to be creative on your own.  Bouncing ideas off other people and creating innovation as part of a team means you can get the best ideas from everyone.  This involves being open, being able to agree, accept and build on other people’s ideas.  Managing your own ego for the success of the project and celebrating the achievements of your peers.  These are admirable and difficult qualities to engender which is why these improv games may help you.

Improv Games for Mindfulness

Mindfulness is often associated with quiet reflection such as meditation.  However, mindfulness at work involves staying present and focused even in the most stressful, hectic and dynamic situations.  Checking in with ourselves, noticing our reactions and responses and the behaviour of those around can inspire the confidence of others and give us a real edge in a crisis.

Improv Games for Positivity and Happiness

Positivity and happiness are closely linked.  It has been repeatedly shown that we feel better if we are positive, even if this feels unnatural at the time.  Make yourself smile and the brain instantly sets of a chain reaction that makes us feel happy.  Sometimes we just need to draw breath, collect ourselves and smile.  Improv games can go one stage further and turn that smile into a genuine belly laugh, and that really will make you feel happier.

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There are of course as many different names for these games as there are people who teach them.  Rather than sitting there being infuriated that your favourite game is called something else, or is not listed, why not get in touch and tell us about it!