Business Improv: Articles & Resources

Improvisation is taught extensively on MBA programmes in the US, and the approach is spreading across the globe, including our own innovative Business Improv open courses in London. Here is just a handful of the many articles from business reviews to daily newspapers that are picking up on business improvisation being an approach of choice.


Improvisation Takes Practice – Harvard Business

Comprehensive article looking at the role of Improvisation in game playing and how that translates to workplace relationships and personal development

Why improv skills are so valuable in the workplace, according to an expert

Looking at how Improv can really be used to improve workplace happiness

Corporate improv and why we shouldn’t call it that

One of our Maydays Team members shares her experiences with facilitating Improv for any group of people


Five Reasons To Use Improv To Increase Productivity And Create Connection In A Virtual Environment – Forbes

Focussing specifically on the online workspace and how to use Improv do maintain and strengthen existing connections and improv communication

Improvisation in Business? It’s No Joke!

Exploring the role of humour in professional development and soft skills training


Research Study: Improv as a Training Method to Promote Effective Teams

Our good friend and colleague Neil Curran presets the finding from his thesis on team building using Improvisation


How an improv class can help develop essential business skills

Improvisational theatre is moving into business schools and boardrooms. Discover how it can help finance professionals develop soft skills and more.

Learning the Art of Business Improvisation

Improvisation may seem to be spontaneous, but managers can foster it in innovation projects through the deliberate development of certain processes and capabilities.

What is Business Improv? Definition

The Maydays own ideas and experience on what defines Business Improv


Want To Improve Your Business Skills? Try A Stand-Up Comedy Or Improv Class
Whether making a presentation to potential investors or just explaining your goals to employees, being comfortable in front of a crowd and on your toes is an essential life skill for entrepreneurs. It is also a baseline requirement for succeeding in sales.

Improvisation Training for Business: Exploring ‘Yes, and…’
The Yes, and… exercise used in improvisation training for business executives can occasionally raise consternation if taken too literally. We take a look at the difference between ‘Yes, and…’ in improvisation training, and ‘Yes, and…’ in business, to see what is transferable, and what is not.


Improv at Work

Stanford Graduate School of Business takes Improv workshops and training seriously.  Apply the tools of improvisation in the workplace to improve your ability to get things done — be a better teammate, manage anxiety, and brainstorm more effectively.


Improv Training Is Making Management Throw Away the Script
The next consultant to visit your office may not be from McKinsey…

Improv Lessons for Business from The Second City

A new book from The Second City explains how its improvisational techniques can help support innovation and leadership in businesses and organizations.