Improv Training for Aerospace, Automative & Astronautics

Flexibility & Agility Skills for Aerospace and Automotive

Improvisation can help in sectors like aerospace and automotive where agile thinking and fast-paced adaptability is required. A lot of the exercises developed by The Maydays focus on continual confrontation with situations and dialogues where the subject and outcome are totally unknown before the exercise begins. This gently eases you into a state of mind where you have absolutely no choice but to operate and be coherent in the present. Whilst we know that aerospace and automotive are two sectors where the utmost planning and precision is required, improvisation training builds your ability to take what you know and use it in new and flexible ways.

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Group Dynamics for Aerospace, Automotive and Astronautics

In high-risk, high precision environments like aerospace, automotive and astronautics, teams need to function as totally efficient units. That clearly goes beyond the practice and perfection of basic processes and procedures. There are many ingredients which make a successful, high-performing team. Improvisation training has a role in developing quite a number of these core skills, including trust, acute listening skills, effective communication, deep collaboration, empathy and emotional intelligence.

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Confidence & Communication Skills for Aerospace, Automotive and Astronautics

In a sector where design, manufacture and assembly frequently crosses national borders, advanced communication skills become extremely important. Improvisation training improves the fluidity of communication and builds trust amongst teams be finding many more points of connection between team and individuals in different departments, divisions and countries. With the strong shared experiences which improvisation can bring, international teams communicate more freely, and with a distinct feeling that, at the end of the day, everyone is pointing in the same direction and everyone has each other’s back.

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Creativity & Innovation Skills for Aerospace, Automotive and Astronautics

In sectors such as aerospace, automotive and astronautics, often the way you’ve always done it is not going to help you fix new problems. Working on creativity or innovation skills enhances the ability to suspend present constraints and parameters, and start to think freely.

The Maydays work by creating a super-safe space where linear thinking and predictive patterns are broken. In this space, everyone is in the same boat and everything you say or do is the right thing in that moment. It is literally impossible to get anything wrong.

Whilst we know that in real life, there are rules to follow, in innovation and creativity we hold that space open for you to think differently, make new connections, look at problems and challenges in new ways, and come up with exciting and alternative new solutions.

Improvisation training is therefore a great way to start a new development phase, initiate a design project, on-board a new innovation team, fix a problem, or open a whole new chapter in your organisation’s overall development.

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Mindfulness and Being Present in Aerospace, Automotive and Astronautics

Improvisation training by The Maydays helps you to temporarily suspend judgement, forget what happened before and what’s coming up next, and learn how to focus intently on what’s happening right now. Our warm up and energizer exercises free up minds and bring the present moment into sharp focus.

Over more than a decade, The Maydays have developed clever sequences of exercises which take you through a state change to complete ‘presence’. Unlike ‘focus’ or ‘concentration’ which might seem to require effort, being mindful and present is about being highly in tune with your surroundings in a way which does not feel tiring and finite. Instead, we focus on leading you into a state of mind where you’re relaxed, comfortable and enjoying the process.

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Risk-taking and Comfort Zones in Aerospace, Automotive and Astronautics

This might seem like an oxymoron at first, but there is absolutely a place for being comfortable with risk, and understanding the mental component of what risk is. Improvisation training is all about playing with comfort zones, checking out what feels like a risk and what feels safe. This doesn’t have to be about throwing an aircraft out of control, or trying something other than the operating procedure. This is more about allowing your brain to think differently, not being frightened by the unknown, and being willing to see how some things which at first appear frightening or high risk, can actually be perfectly OK and achievable with the benefit of hindsight.

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