Improv Training for Charities

Sales Pitch & Proposal Skills for Charities

It probably doesn’t get any tougher than pitching to an organisation with view to getting some form of charitable donation. Whatever the size of your organisation, or the one you’re speaking to, it’s important to have all the good cards in your hand.

Whilst we can’t help you with the technical content of your pitch, nor advise you on whether you’re barking up the right tree, what we can do is ensure that once you’re in that pitch situation, live, before the panel, that you shine!

The Maydays’ improvisation training for charities focusses on your ability to connect, communicate and relate to what is happening there and then in the room. We urge you to hold your script lightly, and be prepared to adapt and change what you’re saying according to what you’re encountering. That all calls for extreme presence, focus, active listening, good humour and a light, fresh approach. These are all skills which improvisation training can deliver out of the box!

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Flexibility & Agility Skills for Charities

Whether you’re thousands of miles from home working in the field, back in the office dealing with stakeholders, or working in a shop with a team of volunteers, the charity sector calls for high levels of flexibility and agility. Dealing with diversity and being open to change and dynamic models is not necessarily an innate skill.

The Maydays have over a dozen years of experience in standing up in front of rooms full of strangers, and performing on the spot with no prior knowledge of what they’re going to say, do or sing. The art of successful improvisation is to take what you have, be acutely aware of what is happening around you, have highly attuned listening skills and be very much present and ‘in the moment’. Once there, your agility and flexibility is fully unleashed.

The Maydays work with small groups right through to rooms full of 500+ delegates to pass on some of the transferable skills they’ve learned over the years, so that your charity can get the very most out of all the resources it has. Special charity rates also apply to all programmes.

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Confidence & Communication Skills for Charities

Improvisation training from The Maydays is designed with you and your organisation in mind, and as you would expect, no two programmes are ever quite the same. That doesn’t mean to say of course that we don’t plan meticulously, because we do.

When it comes to communication training and developing your confidence, The Maydays team will get to work understanding your needs as an organisation, and try and get a sense of the different stakeholders and any possibly issues you’re encountering in your charity around the themes of confidence and communication. Whether you are lobbing international government ministers, or your volunteer staff have difficulty speaking to customers, our improvisation training can help.

We build a very safe space in the room so that everyone can relax. That gets the first laugh, and it often doesn’t stop. Your people will leave our sessions knowing that they count, that they are talented and amazing individuals, and that they have the power to connect, inspire, and even make people laugh.

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Self-Awareness & Emotional Intelligence for Charities

This is probably one of the most intricate sessions we deliver. We find that many of the groups from the charity sector are already endowed with high levels of self-awareness and emotional intelligence, but this option helps to get everyone on the same page.

Over the last dozen or so years, The Maydays have developed some really nice approaches which gently and supportively raise self-awareness. We do this by being acutely aware of body language, pitch and tone of voice, and of what people utter when they’re in a relaxed and centred state.

We use these inputs to spot patterns and trends within the group, and we then adapt the focus of our exercises in real time to eak out certain realisations. Very often nothing is even said, but we know that the session is full of quite self-realisations, and that people walk out the session with a much higher level of self-awareness (and self-worth) as when they walked in. This is a great programme for the charity sector.

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Mindfulness and Being Present for Charities

Aimed in particular at charity field workers who find themselves in highly challenging situations, this programme is all about extreme focus and being present.

We introduce and share some of the secrets of improvisation with the group, all through experiential learning based on a series of carefully selected exercises and emphases. Subtly and incrementally, the exercises progress until each participant is in a state of mindfulness possibly unlike anything they’ve ever encountered before.

It’s a this point that they become highly attuned to their surroundings, alert and yet highly centred. This is amazing, sometimes emotional, always exhilarating.

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Positivity & Happiness for Charities

Happiness at work is not a nice-to-have extra, but a right that everyone should be able to enjoy. In the charity sector it’s easy to think that there are more important things to worry about than your own happiness. Whilst this self-less view is to be commended, it’s also important to see the positivity in every situation.

The Maydays’ session around positivity and happiness help you to connect with your inner child, who is still very much there and possibly hasn’t seen the light of day for some time. We create a safe space and give you permission to have fun, relax, laugh and smile and rediscover a part of you which have every right to be present in your daily life, however hard and unrelenting your work might be.

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