Improv Training for Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare

Flexibility & Agility Skills for Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare

In the highly regulated sectors of pharmaceuticals, healthcare and chemical-based production, there is an interested tension between the need on one hand to follow strict procedures and on the other to be innovative and creative and adaptive to changing market and legislatory needs.

Whilst it’s easy to tell your organisation in a keynote to senior executives that they need to be more flexible and agile, we have found that these are some of the hardest behaviours to simply start assuming.

The Maydays go the extra step. We don’t tell you, we don’t just show you, but we have you experience it for yourself. The reason some of the world’s top pharmaeceutical, parapharmaceutical and consumer healthcare companies have used The Maydays time and time again is that we’re able to leave people embodying the behaviours. Once you’ve felt it for yourself, it’s difficult to ever forget.

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Confidence & Communication Skills for Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare

In such big sectors with so many employees working across all continents of the world, there is certainly a need for highly accomplished levels of communication. Confidence and positivity is the icing on the cake which helps you get your point across, and be perceived in a positive light.

Effective communication is all about improvisation. It’s about being in the moment, being highly focussed and responsive to what your colleague or client is saying, or not saying! During our Maydays sessions on communication and confidence, we work through a series of exercises which compel you to listen actively and respond in the moment.

Within the sector, there is a pronounced need for effective communication both within each organisation and externally, so we’ll listen carefully to your request and come up with a programme and an approach which matches your needs and desired outcomes.

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Innovation & Creativity Skills for Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare

We were once told the story of how one chief executive of a client company in the pharmaceuticals sector stood in front of their top-level, senior executives at an annual conference and said We need to be more innovative, try new things, be audacious. But we also cannot get this wrong. We cannot fail. We have to get it right.

That is certainly something of a tightrope to walk. In many organisations, pharmaceuticals and healthcare being no exception, the audacity and innovation which started the organisation ends up being strangled out of it for fear of financial failure as it matures.

The Maydays work safely in this space between being creative but not getting it wrong. We do that by creating a very safe space where we use carefully selected exercises which tap into your innate creativity and then help you to release it. It’s a lot of fun, highly empowering, it might unleash powers and abilities you’d forgotten you had, and we’ll make sure it doesn’t jeopardize your day job.

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Mindfulness and Being Present in the Nursing & Healthcare sector

Within healthcare and nursing sector in particular, it’s easy for the continual need for compassion and empathy to take its toll and become unsustainable in the long run.

The Maydays have developed this programme to help all those involved in the sector to tap into an inner space which will provide greater resilience, a bit of perspective, and a laugh and some relaxation to boot. Our programmes don’t work specifically on the theme of nursing and healthcare but instead focus on the core components of improvisation.

With over a dozen years of experience of both performing and delivering improv training internationally, the team worth with compassion and skill to create a safe space and supportive environment.

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Risk-taking and Comfort Zones in Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare

Whether you work for a small scale specialist provider or a huge multinational organisation, the idea of risk can have very specific connotations. When we talk about risk at The Maydays, we’re often talking about comfort zones, and your ability to step outside them.

The need to feel comfortable with the unknown is pretty much everywhere. To prepare you or your organisation for life and work in high challenge environments, we’ll present you or your delegates with very specific challenges which from the outside look daunting and possibly way beyond their comfort zone. We then introduce some of the core transferable skills of improvisation but then lead people safely up through a series of ever more challenging tasks until suddenly they are doing things they never thought possible, let also possible with their work colleagues. The end result, a fantastic feeling of accomplishment and a changed perspective of person risk.

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