Improv Training for Consulting & Professional Services

Flexibility & Agility Skills for Consulting & Professional Services

The consulting industry is on a perpetual rollercoaster as organisations flex between needing outside help and wishing to be utterly self-sufficient. One of biggest reasons people keep asking you back must be your ability to see things in new ways, and be more agile and flexible in your approaches than they are able to be for themselves.

But even outside consultants need to keep sharp, keep flexible and nimble. Firstly, because you’re not the only ones out there, and secondly, over time, there is a risk that you’re going to rely too heavily on the tried and tested solutions rather than genuinely revolving around the needs of individual clients.

Enter The Maydays. We genuinely do start from scratch every single time we pick up a new brief. Improvisation training is about thinking in a whole different way. It’s extremely experiential which means you’ll be applying everything we give you there and then, in the moment. That means you’ll walk out of the door with a fresh perspective, a renewed sense of what agility looks like, and a willingness to share this with your clients.

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Group Dynamics for Consulting & Professional Services

This is the experiential, improvisational form of group dynamics. We leave the classic models behind to explore group dynamics from a very different perspective. The chances are that if you’re working in the sector of consulting and other professional services, you’ll be used to lots of group interaction and collaboration on a day-to-day basis.

Our experience of working in this sector is that for all the theories around group behaviour, group cohesion, group mind, groupthink and whatnot, it’s very easy as a consultant to spend too much time in the theoretical. The Maydays blow that apart with funny, nay hilarious exercises which give you no time to think. Think is actively discouraged. What happens next is powerful, personal, highly revealing and the resulting collaboration and interaction, we think, is what team are REALLY made of.

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Confidence & Communication Skills for Consulting & Professional Services

In the area of consulting and professional services, we think it’s all about transparency, clarity, being insightful, calm and collected, incisive, perceptive. It’s hard to pull that off if it’s not real. Junior level consultants including recent graduates on a graduate training programme are the ones we have in our sights here. In theory, they’re outstanding, on paper they’re perfect. In real life, they lack the confidence which come of experience, and yet you’re putting them in front of clients and charging a decent fee.

The Maydays will take your relatively inexperienced newbies, value their great intelligence and gently put it to one side. Enter a whole stream of clever, unexpected improvisation training which will free them up for some fun and laughter, give them permission to be themselves and give them a sense of inner confidence that they probably haven’t experienced since early pre-school childhood. Once you give anyone the message that they are totally brilliant exactly as they are, their confidence and communication skills soar. We’ve seen it happen time and time again. Oh, and this also works on the old dogs as well as the young pups.

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Creativity & Innovation Skills for Consulting & Professional Services

You’d think there’d be very little we could teach consulting firms about innovation and creativity, given that that’s what you’re frequently hired to deliver. But who is there to keep you sharp and pointing in the right direction? Where do the creators and innovators go to keep creative and innovative? Well to The Maydays, of course.

If you see The Maydays on stage doing what they do best, you’ll realise in a couple of seconds that our innovative is possibly different from your innovative. We’re not saying better, just different. Different enough to make yours better.

Through a series of carefully planned activites, we give your people permission to utterly let go of any last shred of conformity. In the words of one satisfied customer, “This isn’t so much thinking outside the box as the fact that you forgot there ever was a box”. We create a truly safe space where it is literally impossible to get it wrong. This safe space means that ideation can take place in a judgement free space. Lessons are learned sure, but a lot of fun is had too.

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Mindfulness and Being Present in Consulting & Professional Services

If it’s all getting a bit crazy and the workload from client accounts is keeping people awake in the middle of the night then a little mindfulness training might be called in order. Improvisation training provides your overworked co-workers with shortcut to a mind-emptying meditative state, without the years spent up a mountain.

Improvisation is about letting go and fast. We achieve this not be quiet trans-like states, but by creating a super safe space where it’s impossible to fail and where you have literally no choice but to bomb out and break out of your brain. If that sounds too soft-skillsy, let’s get back down to earth. By giving people the chance to drop everything, by bringing about a state change, by finding lots of reasons to laugh, the day job suddenly seems a lot more manageable. The pressures that many in the consulting and professional sector experience also release, and that all-important perspective returns. Usually that takes a good two-week break to attain. Give us a day and we’ll return your people back to you in a much-enlightened state.

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Positivity & Happiness for Consulting & Professional Services

Happiness at work is a major theme which extends far beyond the old confines of an awayday or enrichment exercise. Whilst we’re often called on to deliver energizers and one-day experiential sessions, our training around happiness and positivity has highly transferable qualities for the consulting and professional services sector in particular. In the consultant sector, it’s extremely important to create a good impression and provide that extra level of energy and dynamism for your clients. What better way of achieving that then to ensure your own people are fired up and motivated? True workplace happiness is an awful lot about acceptance, being you, and being trusted and respected for being you.

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