Improv Training for Consumer & Retail

Confidence & Communication Skills for Consumer & Retail

If you’re client facing, or in charge of the people who are, we all know that it can be tiring work. The Americans seem so good at it. Always smiling, always positive, upbeat, energetic. If you’ve been over there, you’ll know what we mean.

And yet research shows that people don’t necessarily respond best to endless smiles and happiness alone. What they need in all areas of consumer and retail is confident communicators who also make strong, empowered decisions and have the right answers.

Improvisation training by The Maydays delivers bigtime here. Our core approaches not only boost confidence by creating a safe space, but we also focus on moving your people into a mental state which keeps them calm and centred and in the moment. That means they are more likely to stay focussed and connected, and listening actively to the customers they have in front of them. By staying calm and cool, they are able to think clearly and provide superior solutions. Smiles are great, but smart is better.

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Self-Awareness & Emotional Intelligence for Consumer & Retail

Emotional intelligence, EI is the new IQ. It’s that happy feeling of self-awareness, of being happy in your own skin. If you want the best example of a retail organisation which staffs its retail outlets with self-aware people with high levels of emotional intelligence, look no further than LUSH ( Go and see what we mean, then come back and book a session with The Maydays.

We love Lush’s levels of emotional intelligence,… and self-confidence sells, as their retail results will tell you. We train for self-awareness and emotional intelligence by applying some of the core principles of improvisation. Improv is all about letting go of fears and worries, living in the present, and developing highly attuned listening and observation skills. Our programmes are totally experiential which means your participants will develop their self-awareness and self-acceptance directly in the session. It’s great to watch it happen, even better to be taking part.

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Engagement at Work in Consumer & Retail

The sharp end of retail can be a lonely place, and it’s easy, if you’re not careful, to lose some of that passion which drew you to a big brand in the first place. By laying on an improvisation training programme for your staff, you’ll give them a shared experience which will reignite passion, find new connections to colleagues, and enjoy being a part of the big team again.

The Maydays are often called upon to deliver improvisation workshops and events as part of Organisation Design and culture change work after mergers, management shakeups and takeovers. Improvisation-based entertainment as well as active involvement in classes is guaranteed to start bringing people back together again.

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Mindfulness and Being Present in Consumer & Retail

Mindfulness and being present is about that zen-like, unflappable quality where you are working on a slightly different level from everyone else. Sometimes it’s about extreme focus and presence, other times it’s about being totally undaunted or shaken by pressure or difficult situations.

Some people seem to have this quality. For the rest of us mere mortals, it takes a little work. Enter The Maydays. Through a series of carefully composed experiential tasks and exercise, we bring people back into sharp focus, and what some people have described as “a state of increased intuition”. It’s true that you walk about being able to perceive more, and you can sometimes predict what someone is about to do, which is essentially the stuff of superheroes. Back in the real world of retail and consumer-based business, having that sort of sixth sense can do wonders around client satisfaction and dealing with complexity.

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Positivity & Happiness for Consumer & Retail

In some ways it goes without saying that positivity and happiness goes well with the idea of consumer and retail-based environments. But this theme of workplace happiness also stretches behind the scenes to all those people not putting on the facade to delight the customer.

In fact workplace happiness and positivity is about an actual state change. When The Maydays come into your place, you know we’re there because the atmosphere lifts and we give everyone permission to be themselves and be totally accepted. This is not about words, it’s about how you feel. And most people leave feeling ecstatic! There is a lot of laughter in this session which is designed to remind us all that in spite of the seriousness of work, there is a need at times to lighten up and feel true joy. It goes without saying that a genuinely, truly happy workforce is going to transmit this to their customers effortlessly. Laughter, a smile, a giggle is a contagious thing. Watch it spread through your organisation.

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