Improv Training for Energy, Utilities & Mining

Flexibility & Agility Skills for Energy, Utilities & Mining

We absolutely love working in this industry sector because this is the one where (a bit like engineering, construction and infrastructure) where we get some of the biggest “a-ha moments.

It’s all too easy at first glance to imagine that such a heavy-duty sectors is not going to be really appreciative of this kind of soft-skills training, particularly something as seemingly abstract as improvisation. In reality, this could not be further than the truth.

Our clients have explained that it is due to the heavy process-oriented culture in energy, utilities and mining that the need for agility and flexibility is all the more important, whether that’s to work in sales and promotion, client management, research and development, production or HR and senior leadership.

As you’d expect The Maydays are a pretty adaptive bunch of people. We work intensively with you in the run up to programme delivery to make sure we fully understand the context and what behaviour changes or skillsets you’d like to see developed within the organisation.

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Confidence & Communication Skills for Energy, Utilities & Mining

Anyone who has to stand up in front of a client in the energy, utilities or mining sectors will almost certainly know their stuff. What we look at is how confident you are the delivery of your key messages. This kind of programme can be perfect for senior product or division leaders, C-level staff, sales and marketing staff where their product knowledge is second-to-none but their engagement with other stakeholders is possibly not what it could be.

In a Maydays programme, we start very much from a level playing field, and it quickly becomes apparent that everyone is equal and no one has any kind of advantage over anyone else. The space is safe and participants’ confidence grows and develops through a serious of carefully selected progression activities. We focus heavily on communication as a two-way process and ensure better communication by creating situations which require highly attuned listening skills. The more you feel comfortable with the unknown and unexpected situations we create, the more confidence soars.

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Creativity & Innovation Skills for Energy, Utilities & Mining

There are thousands of programmes out there on creative thinking, so what makes ours so special? We like the fact that we’re not really teaching creativity at all. We’re simply giving everyone in the programme permission to let out their innate creativity. Sadly, many of us have the last strands of free thinking and innovation pulled out of us at school. This can happen through an overly standardised education system, but it can equally be caused by years of peer group pressure and the need to conform, especially in early years.

Watch in amazement you see your colleagues suppress their inner critic and let go. Then it’s your turn. Stand well back because this stuff is explosive. Here’s the challenge. Take two teams required to fulfil a creative or innovation role in your organisation. Give one team a one-week improvisation programme by The Maydays then watch the difference over the next few weeks between the team that had the improv training and the team that didn’t. One team will collaborate much more smoothly, listen and co-create solutions, use everyone’s input in the team, have each other’s back. We know which team it will be.

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Mindfulness and Being Present in Energy, Utilities & Mining

That’s not a title you see very often. The need for soft skills in this heavy industry sector is actually pretty clear. When a lot is at stake, and there are so many hoops to jump through in terms of legislation, procedures, safety, geopolitics and what have you, it’s incredibly important to have your wits about you at all times.

If you and your colleagues have a lifetime’s experience of doing just that, you’ll be surprised at how much further improvisation training can take you. Incorporated increasingly onto the world’s leading MBA programmes, improvisation skills are seen as one of the leading skillsets that top leaders should possess. Mindfulness and being presence is only one subset of everything improvisation can teach you, but it’s really important for this sector.

Being present is about utter focus, amazing levels of attention and being ready to make strong decisions which draw on all your sector knowledge at once. As one vitamin company states, this is like you, but on a good day. We’ll get you into that space, and show you how to stay there.

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Risk-taking and Comfort Zones in Energy, Utilities & Mining

It might seem curious to be talking about risk taking in mining, energy and utilities, as this is hardly a sector where you’re able to muck about much. So what do we mean? Here, we’re talking about personal risk, your private feelings to risk, and particularly, we’re talking about your perception of risk.

It could be that the organisation is keen for you or your division to take change your work styles, enter into a new marketplace, attempt a new strategy, collaborate with another international team. All this might be against your better judgement. It might feel like a leap too far, a risk too great.

The Maydays aren’t here to confirm or deny your suspicions. We provide improvisation training which changes the way you behave in high risk situations. The biggest part of this work is to ensure that instead of locking down your behaviour, digging in your heels and clinging to the known, you retain all of your faculties and judgement capability to deal with the situation you’re facing. This is about combatting fight or flight. The result of our tried and tested, and unique approaches is a higher level of comfort around risk, and an enhanced ability to think in a focussed and intelligent way, however uncomfortable the situation might feel. Cool, huh?

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