Improv Training for Engineering, Construction & Infrastructure

Flexibility & Agility Skills for Engineering, Construction and Infrastructure

In large scale infrastructure and construction projects the emerging need is for the flexibility and agility to rotate complex solutions to fit to client and stakeholder needs and expectations.  This kind of agility is about a state of mind, it’s all that stuff about thinking outside the box.

Where we differ from more classical training routes is that improvisation gives you direct, hands-on experience of thinking in an agile way. We know all about the formal agile techniques to project management, but they only go so far if you have a team of people who haven’t updated their mindsets.

Whilst all this sounds very serious, improvisation training with The Maydays  is also a lot of fun. That means you can pull your team into shape, get them thinking and acting differently together, all under the guises of a bit of team building and development, or just “something different”. We stretch comfort zones and challenge the status quo. And as one HR manager said to us, “If you can do this with engineers, you can do it with anyone!”

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Group Dynamics for Engineering, Construction and Infrastructure

Team work and team collaboration has never been important in a sector with all sorts of risks, both physical and financial. We assume you already have teams working collaboratively together and getting the job done. What improvisation training brings is the cherry on the cake. Improvisation is about flexibility and agility and thinking and working in the moment.

Our programmes, which are all custom built around your organisation, build extreme levels of trust and mutual support, they hone active listening skills and they build amazing levels of confidence right when people are starting to hit the outer boundaries of their comfort zones. What better way to construct a strong team for the challenges ahead?

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Confidence & Communication Skills for Engineering, Construction & Infrastructure

You might have a great solution, but if you can’t present it effectively to key stakeholders, you’re arguably missing a trick.

Effective communication is the life blood of any people-centred organisation, and the engineering, construction and infrastructure sector is no exception. Where we are particularly effective is in opening up the communication channels between groups and individuals, through a challenging shared experience.

Unlike a lot of team building, improvisation training brings about a real state change, where confidence levels rise, and everyone starts thinking differently. They then start communicating differently, and it will almost seem like a different bunch of people walk out of the session than walked in.

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Innovation & Creativity Skills for Engineering, Construction & Infrastructure

This is one of our favourite combinations – to provide improvisation training with the purpose of developing innovation and creativity for engineers. Why is this our favourite? Well because engineers are already great lateral thinkers when it comes to innovation and coming up with new ideas, but they can also be a bit binary at times (huge sweeping statement there).

Provide a day’s improvisation training to a group of engineers and stand well back. Suddenly what was already pretty creative and innovative thinking takes on a whole new dimension, as the room is relieved of constraining thought patterns, fear of failure, comfort zone thresholds and other limiting factors. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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Engagement at Work in Engineering, Construction and Infrastructure

On big long projects, it can often be hard to maintain levels of motivation yet in today’s high performing world it’s important that your team remains engaged and focussed.

Training around engagement within the sector of engineering, construction and infrastructure tends to pay for itself very quickly. A motivated and engaged senior management team will lead by example, and the genuine positivity The Maydays improvisation programmes bring will cascade quickly down the organisation. Suddenly the mood up and energy levels are high. Senior leaders also start listening to middle managers differently, and engagement flows in both direction. Everyone begins working as a team again, and projects get completed. Sound too simplistic? The best things often are.

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Risk-taking and Comfort Zones in Engineering, Construction & Infrastructure

Risk taking is probably the last think you think about in the sector of engineering, construction and infrastructure. Well there’s project-related risk which we don’t want, and there’s personal attitudes to risk and comfort zones which might be what is giving rise to inconsistent decision-making, slow responses and confusion.

Everyone has a different attitude to risk, and everyone has a different level of comfort when faced with uncertainty. If we’re totally honest, we’re not that bothered about your company’s individual appetite for risk, and whether that’s appropriate or not to your position in the engineering, construction or infrastructure sector.

What we do care about is how your people behave when they are confronted with a situation which might be deemed to be “”outside their comfort zone””. Rather than switching into a ‘fight or flight’ state, we use our brand of improvisation training to keep your people calm and focussed, centred and stable in the face of utter uncertainty. Our programmes are highly experiential. That means  delegates on our improv programmes don’t walk away with a theory on how to handle uncertainty, perceived risk and discomfort, they leave having experienced their own reactions and those of their colleagues, and they leave having made impressive progress in coping effectively.

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