Improv Training for Finance, Banking & Asset Management

Group Dynamics in Finance, Banking & Asset Management

Improvisation training is a great way to build team confidence, accountability, trust and mutual support. Improvisation is also really good at broadening out the base of shared experiences (usually including a lot of laughter), so that when that team is back in the office working together, it feels like they have more in common, more to say to each other, and more faith in one another.

This can be particularly effective in the area of financial services where it’s all too easy to get locked into fixed relationships and processes where you can forget all a colleague has to offer when the going gets tough. Applicable to C-level executives and graduate trainees alike, good group dynamics can make all the difference to your organisation’s success.

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Confidence & Communication Skills for Finance, Banking & Asset Management

Improvisation training helps you to communicate effortlessly with clients and colleagues alike. In a sector where it’s only too easy to get locked onto a screen, it remains imperative to be able to have confident and competent face-to-face conversations, whether that’s to argue your point, show leadership, give clear instructions or collaborate more openly.

In larger or more formal establishments, communication can often happen in silos meaning that the organisation struggles to get maximum synergy from its component parts.

The Maydays have been working together for well over a decade, and now call on some 150 different improvisation exercises which are further adapted according to the needs of the group. Having delivered probably more improvisation training and improv experiences to this sector than any other, we know first hand the difference which strong and open communication can make.

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Positivity & Happiness for Finance, Banking & Asset Management

Happiness at work is a growing theme at work, and one which improvisation training rised to meet head on! Improv is by its nature pretty funny and you can tell you’re in a Maydays session because the laughter usually starts within the first few minutes, and carries on long after the session has finished.

You can use The Maydays for a fun energizer between heavier conference sessions, but in many ways, that’s missing the point, as improvisaion actually goes much deeper than that. It’s no exaggeration to say that improvisation training connects you to your inner child and creates a safe space for the smiles to reemerge. What school and work takes out of us in the form of conformity, repeated processes and structure, improvisation replaces with smiles, laughter and deep-rooted positivity.

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Risk-taking and Comfort Zones in Finance, Banking & Asset Management

It might seem strange at first to be talking about risk taking in a regulated sector such as banking, finance and asset management, but of course risk and your comfort levels around risk can apply to many areas.

Risk and comfort isn’t just about financial loss or gain, it’s also about your appetite to change, to new approaches and procedures. Risk taking also applies to daring to think differently, having audacious goals and standing up for an idea you believe in.

Improvisation training with The Maydays creates a safe space in which you can free your mind and experiment in total safety with your own appetite for risk and your reactions to situations which are on the edge of your comfort zone.

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