Improv Training for Hospitality, Entertainment & Media

Sales Pitch & Proposal Skills for Hospitality, Entertainment & Media

Generally speaking, sales pitches and proposal presentation skills in this industry are already some of the most polished. If you find yourself pitching in a team or looking at a team wondering how to improve their hit rate, then it’s probably time to look at improvisation.

It’s not that we reject all the gizmos, the clever lighting, the amazing Prezi or the coordinated, tightly scripted delivery. It’s just that where we’re going, you won’t need them. Improvisation training is all about being so very much in the moment, so alert and attuned to your environment that you’ll win that pitch purely through engaging with the room, collaborating as an amazing pitch team and having each other’s backs. That evidence of team work and listening super attentively to the client will be what sets you apart.

Working with The Maydays means we also take time to get to know you and your objectives. We’ll plan a sequence of exercises to take you through to an exciting outcome. Team collaboration and pitching skills unlike any you’ve experienced before.

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Flexibility & Agility Skills for Hospitality, Entertainment & Media

The media sector is one of the most agile going – particularly if you’ve worked in film or TV, with the crazy schedules, the perpetually changing plans and last minute modifications. Even if you’re not at that very sharp end, it’s still true that hospitality, entertainment and other strands of the media all call for high levels of agility and flexibility.

If you’re reading this, the chances are you’re looking for something more. What do you give an already agile team to make them even more flexible? How do you keep the team working effectively when the heat is really on? In that very moment where everyone feels pushed out of their comfort zones, how do you keep it together? The answer… through practising the art of improvisation. You probably call it that already, but this is improvisation where we stand up on stage in front of an audience of hundreds or thousands, and at that point, we don’t know what we’re going to do next.

We’ll give the opportunity to experience our form of improvisation first hand, and it will be very experiential. At the end, you’ll be working as a team, way out of your comfort zone and showing levels of agility and flexibility you never dreamed were possible.

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Confidence & Communication Skills for Hospitality, Entertainment & Media

Any organisation with public facing services these days needs to exude confidence. This is even more the case in the hospitality, entertainment and media sector. Of all these, it’s probably hospitality where there is the most progress to make (in our humble opinion). You only have to look at US levels of service to know the rest of the world has a lot to learn. And if we’re honest, we could teach the US a few tricks too (and we have done).

The Maydays are an improvisation comedy troupe like no other. For most of the time we’ve been performing on stage together, we’ve also been working in organisations to pass on our improvisation skills through training and development workshops.

We train for confidence by first creating a super safe space where it is literally impossible to get anything wrong. Then we give you some of the secrets of improvisation which also help you to lighten up, exude a genuine confidence and as a result, communicate fluidly. The difference is instantly noticeable back at work, and your clients will love the difference.

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Self-Awareness & Emotional Intelligence for Hospitality, Entertainment & Media

Self-awareness seems such an obvious thing. Surely, we’ve all got this already, right? Mmm. In our experience life is a mixed bag, and everyone has different capacities when it comes to self-awareness and emotional intelligence.

The watchword here for us is acceptance. Once you realise that everyone around you accepts you as you are in the very safe space we create, you realise it doesn’t matter too much what you’re like. This in turn opens up a chain reaction where you are prepared to delve deeper into who you are, how you work and we can start to play with that.

If all that sounds too deep, think of it this way. We’ll take your people, give them an experience they’ll be talking about for years to come and in the process, everyone will become significantly more self-aware and as a result, will communicate and collaborate much more effectively.

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Engagement at Work in Hospitality, Entertainment & Media

Team building is one way to build engagement, but the difficulty is that the effects are often quite temporary, and you need another awayday every few months to keep the energy up. We build teams and build engagement in a very different way. By using improvisation training, we tap into key behaviours which will give you longer term benefits.

First and foremost, we need to get our hands on your senior, C-grade staff. The ones at the top. Give us a day with your top people and we will return them to you in a mood for listening, connecting, understanding and collaborating. Lots of the things the rest of the organisation have been saying for years will suddenly start being heard differently. As the organisation is heard, and improvisation techniques cascade down, everyone starts to feel really valued and important. Engagement, however you then choose to measure it, goes up. Job done.

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