Improv Training for MBA & Masters Programmes

Flexibility & Agility Skills for MBA and Masters programmes

Many MBA programmes in the USA already include improvisation as a core module. This is as a result of extensive research by universities into the power of improvisation to improve a wide range of management and leadership skills.

Improvisation really is a panacea solution which fixes everything. That’s a bold statement, but as you’ll see here, so many key soft skills can be massively enhanced using improvisation.

Take flexibility and agility training. It is well known that for an MBA programme your leadership  skills need to be agile, adaptive, and you need to hit the ground running however suddenly you’re helicoptered into a business situation after you’ve qualified. So what better preparation that improvisation, which is all about you being totally in the moment, able to draw on all your knowledge and resources from a position of calm. To reach that nirvana, you don’t need a year up a mountain. You simply need a day of improvisation training.

On our Improvisation for MBA students programmes, we play with comfort zones, we get you comfortable with the uncomfortable. We do this by taking you through a series of incrementally more challenging exercises until you do things that you would not have believed possible at the outset. Part of the secret to how we do this is that we create an impenetrably safe space where it is literally impossible to get anything wrong. From that space, incredible things happen which will show you just how agile and flexible you can be.

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Group Dynamics for MBA and Masters programmes

Team building is a common component of MBA and Masters programmes. If you’re coordinating a Masters programme and you’re looking for an alternative take on group dynamics and team building, well we think we have something for you. Rather than have people outside in the rain building pyramids, or bringing a fake product to market, take a closer look at improvisation, as it ticks a lot of boxes.

As well as helping people to understand experientially how they interact with others, improvisation training also enhances a range of other skills – active listening, total team collaboration, agility and flexibility. It also gives equal weight to introverts and extroverts so nobody steals the show and everyone learns that everyone has something significant to contribute.

All we need is a large room, a small stage and half a day to a day. The experiential learning exercises will test your students to the limits of their comfort zones, but in a way which feels safe and builds confidence. The outcomes will be uplifting and inspiring, oh and really, really funny. Expect a lot of laughter. Improv training for MBA students around group dynamics works well at the very start of a programme to get everyone knowing each other really well and collaborating fully from the start. To that end, The Maydays are often brought in on the first induction day. This approach also enriches your brand and makes a significant statement about the kind of MBA programme you’re running.

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Innovation & Creativity Skills for MBA and Masters programmes

Just like team building and group dynamics, training for creativity and innovation is a core requirement on MBA programmes, and the sort of soft skills we love at The Maydays. Admittedly we’re biased, but we believe if “How do you train MBA students to be innovative and creative?”, the answer every time is “Learn to improvise!”.

Improvisation is about thinking freely in the moment without constraints. On any of our improvisation programmes, the first thing we’ll do is to strip back the layers of self-doubt, banish inner critics, remove the limiting factors which are causing people to hold back. School and growing up with a classful of judgemental kids are frequently at the root of people’s over-conformity and lack of creativity. Our sophisticated and empowering approach to improvisation training will allow your MBA and Masters students to step away from all that.

Through a sequence of experiential activities, we’ll release everyone’s inner creative genius and leave people feeling empowered, uplifted and open. Open not only to their own innovation and creative thought, but also, significantly better able to build on the creativity of others, leading to some exciting and hilarious co-creation.

Set your MBA programme apart from the rest. Just add improvisation from The Maydays.

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Self-Awareness & Emotional Intelligence for MBA and Masters programmes

We know that once people get into work there seems to be very little time to be nurturing things like self-awareness and emotional intelligence. This is why we think it’s so important that you do so on an MBA or Masters programme. The time is right.

Self-awareness and emotional intelligence are key areas we develop through the medium of improvisation. As improvisers, we stand up on stage each night and performing without a script or safety net. We purposefully seek to take ourselves out of our comfort zones. It’s in that space that really start to understand who we are and how we think, by not actually having the time to think about it! It’s when we’re acting instinctively and spontaneously that we reveal the most about ourselves.

We will put your students into that same space. We do it carefully and safely. Then we start to watch their faces. You can actually see the dawning realisations, the self-awareness. “OMG that’s what I’m like”. “I’m one of those people!” Often, the realisation is enough, but we delve deeper and give people the opportunity to try different approaches, to collaborate, treat everyone equitably, listen intently. Whilst the rest of your MBA or Masters programme will take them on journey, improvisation training for self-awareness will certainly get them pointing in the right direction.

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Positivity & Happiness for MBA and Masters programmes

It is very easy to lose sight of the need to be happy at work. What better time to take stock of this than on an MBA programme or Master programme?  This session works well at the end of the teaching year, maybe as part of the celebrations for finishing the course and going out with a bang. It’s also a good time to remind students, before they head back to work, that they should take some happiness with them.

Happiness at work is becoming quite a big thing. It’s a back-to-roots theme which follows on in many ways from workplace engagement. When you say it, it sounds totally logical, that people should be happy at work.

This session is just loads of fun. It’s about the laughter and joy, but it’s also still very much about anchoring that happiness to collaboration with colleagues. It’s about opening up a bit more. It doesn’t destroy that workplace persona so many of us wear, but it’s about giving a bit more and revealing a bit more character for people to latch on to.

Improv training for positivity and happiness is memorable, uplifting and hilarious. What’s not to like?

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Risk-taking and Comfort Zones for MBA and Masters Programmes

We totally love this programme for MBA and Masters students, because in many ways it gets to the heart of what it is to be a modern leader. Risk taking and comfort zone work is rich, deep and complex. Your students will need to look at organisational risk and exposure. The balance between taking risks and playing it safe. Being audacious and innovative or sticking to the knitting. Most shareholders want both. They want security for their investments but they also want a better return through market-leading innovation ahead of the competition.

So how do you train a leader on your MBA programme to manage that dichotomy? Improvisation.

We’re not talking about just winging it here. For our risk-taking and comfort zone training using improvisation, we focus in tightly on students’ abilities to confront risk, uncertainty, comfort and discomfort, and we actually change their perceptions of these situations. We do this by working through a sequence of improvisation exercises which bring about a state change. We change how people behave under pressure, which has a positive effect on the quality of the decision made. It also ties into teamwork and collaboration, active listening skills, and innovation and creativity.

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