Improv Training for Telecommunications

Flexibility & Agility Skills for IT & Technology

Depending on your place within the IT & Tech sector, you might argue that you are already highly flexible and agile in your approaches, or you might feel bogged down with process and routine. It’s a big sector and every feasible organisational behaviour set is out there.We know that agile has a specific meaning in the sector, so here we’re more interested in the ability of groups within your organisation to be nimble and flexible enough to rotate solutions around clients.

This is clearly a good approach in a competitive landscape, but it often calls for teams to collaborate more deeply, listen differently to each other and actually think differently.

The Maydays are famous for improvisation. We got our name performing improvised comedy on stage. It’s something we still do, worldwide. But what’s interesting is that the skills we use are highly transferable. We step up on stage with no idea what is going to happen next. We will be creating scenes, sketches and songs out of thin air based on audience suggestions. In our improvisation training workshops, we give you some of our choice skills to play with. They will have an instant impact on how you think about agile, and exactly how flexible it’s possible to be.

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Confidence & Communication Skills for IT & Technology

Whilst sectors like media and hospitality might often have more extroverted types, we find there are many more introverts working in IT & Technology.

You may be surprised to find out that there are more introverted types making up The Maydays than extroverts. We are really good at empathising with introverted types and providing them with such high levels of trust and self-confidence that they exceed all of their own expectations.

Confidence for anyone starts by being safe, and in our highly experiential, hands-on improvisation-based workshops, we certainly know how to make people feel safe. We also give people a good laugh. What takes our participants by surprise is that usually within about 10 minutes of the session starting, it’s them being the funny ones. Really funny. When you offer this to your people, you don’t have to call it improvisation either. Call it an experiential communication workshop. You’ll have exactly the same experience, just you’ll get more people turning up on the day!

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Innovation & Creativity Skills for IT & Technology

Much like with Flexibility & Agility, some areas of IT & Technology are really innovative and creative already, others maybe not so.

That doesn’t matter too much to us, because whether or not your team thinks it’s creative, we’re going to take it to a whole new level. We are going to strip away the years of peer group pressure, of negative experiences at school, of being told not to do stuff. We’re going to unleash the creative monsters amongst your people. And the good news is that everyone has innate creativity. If you’re going to be a fly on the wall in any of our sessions, do it in this one. It will be hilarious, at times poignant, but always a roaring success. Think that’s brash? You won’t do afterwards.

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Risk-taking and Comfort Zones in IT & Technology

We know there is a difficult balance to strike between being innovative and risk taking on the one hand and being careful not to make unnecessary losses and waste time and money on the other. IT & Tech is one sector where this is particularly the case.

Risk taking is a complex issue, because there are lots of risk as you’ll know if you’ve ever maintained a risk register! When we deliver one of our programmes on the theme of risk taking and comfort zones, we’re aiming to achieve something very specific. We’re looking to increase your ability to function fully using all your intuition, expertise and experience to assess a situation, rather than make snap decisions which could lead to project failure.

To do that, The Maydays essentially do with you and your group what we’ve always done. We show you how we improvise. Improvisation is about being hyper-present, being totally focussed and calm in the face of adversity and utter uncertainty. When we’re performing, we’ll step up on stage, the music will start playing and together as a troupe we’ll sing a song. The song will be coherent, it’ll rhyme, have a chorus, be visually coordinated and will end on a high. The catch is the subject of the song is only known to us seconds before we start singing.

Whilst we don’t get anyone up singing on stage, we do share a whole host of skills and focussing exercises we use to get you into a state which allows you to think calmly and carefully however scary or bewildering the situation. The idea of your comfort zone will be changed for good, and your decisions around risk will be stronger as a result.

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