Business Improv Course: Advanced Skills

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We have many clients that report improvements and positive shifts in patterns of behaviour after just one improv session.  We know from experience that the benefits of improvisation go far beyond the initial excitement of an improv session and practising improv techniques regularly starts to really embed self-awareness, mindfulness, agility and a vast array of other benefits that our participants have reported.

This Advanced Improvisation course builds on previous courses to take participants further into the rich world of benefits that improv training has to offer.  We will directly relate the techniques used in the class to business skills and how you can build in some simple methods into your everyday working life.

What to Expect

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This course is available in 2-16 hr formats and will recap the basic techniques of improvisation before heading deeper into the fundamentals of improvisation.  There will be more ‘scene-work’ where you will find out how to build a believable world from nothing, listen and stay in the moment.  Soon you will find you have a greater confidence in yourself and a trust in those around you.

Creating without judgement is rarely allowed in our lives.  Our past experiences tell us that ideas are often shut down before they really get off the ground, and the more elaborate and far-reaching the idea is, the more it will be criticised. This leads us to shut down our creative side and stick to the well-defined rules, keeping our wild imaginations to ourselves.  Improv allows our creative selves to get out of the box and expand to its full potential.  Many times we have seen the look of astonishment on participants’ faces when they say something utterly unexpected, profound or hilarious without any effort or thought.  This is what improvisation gives you – a non-judgemental space to explore, play, laugh and create.

Our range of CPD Accredited Generic Improv Courses

You want to be assured that you are getting the very best training possible for your team.  Well rest assured that you are in the hands of some of the most experienced, respected and dedicated Improv facilitators in the world.  All our members have trained in the USA, the home of improv, and have delivered training and performances across Europe and the rest of the world to the highest acclaim.  This expertise has been recognised and certified by the CPD Certification Service so that you do not have to worry about the quality of the training you are investing in.

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This really takes you from a standing start to a level 1 improviser.  Find out how improvisation works, what it can do for you and why it is so relevant to business.  A great place to start your journey into Improv for Business.  Find out more about our CPD accredited Essential Improv Skills for Business Course here…

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The ability to listen, make meaningful connections to other people, be in the moment but actively lead in a crisis are all skills at the heart to business.  This CPD accredited course delivers the tips of the trade from professional stage improvisers about how to remain calm in the face of uncertainty, rely on your inner resources, and connect to those around you to create stronger relationships and a greater sense of self-esteem.  Find out more about Essential Improv Skills for Business here

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It is always good to shake up the existing hierarchies and roles of an existing team, or throw a new team a challenge and see how they respond.  Traditional team building exercises have focussed on the challenging element of their activities for many year.  Improv Training delivers this challenge, but in the safe, non-judgemental space created by our expert facilitators.  We are not looking to humiliate or defeat people, we want everyone, even the most introverted to have their moment to shine.  Dressed up as a challenge, our CPD accredited course is really a celebration of being human.  Find out more about our challenge course here

Other Courses suitable for Beginners

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If you would like to focus on a particular skill, sector or role then you may find one of our specifically tailored courses fits your needs.  If you are not sure what would work best for you then get in touch and one of our experts will help guide you to the perfect course for you.

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It is easy to talk about taking risks.  It is even easy to be seen to take a risk when in fact you are still way inside your comfort zone.  Improv Training lets you put yourself in situations that are unfamiliar and feel risky, and encourage you to find new resources, keep a clear head and still interact with those around you.  It truly is a way of practising taking risks, failing, getting up and failing again, laughing and holding your hands up saying ‘I got nothing’.  In improv, that is a win.   Find out more about Improv Courses for Risk Taking here…

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The one certainty of business life in the UK right now seems to be uncertainty.  We know we will be working in unfamiliar and unpredictable environments so we need to be prepared.  Prepared to be flexible, agile and remain calm in the face of uncertainty.  Improv is all about responding to the unknown with confidence and clarity.  It is the perfect way to practise being comfortable and keeping our heads when all around are losing theirs.  Find out more about Improv Courses for Flexibility and Agility here…

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It is often the moments of individual brilliance that are celebrated in sport, politics and the arts. As we all know however, that is just a tiny snapshot of a story that involves a team of people and support.  A cohesive team will work together to support each other, know instinctively when to lead, follow, say yes and say no.  When you need ideas and when you need solutions.  Improv training lets you experience any situation as an individual and as a team.  In the right supportive environment that we create, you will feel more connected and more trusted by your team.  Find out more about Improv Courses for Group Dynamics here…

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There are times when we need to shut off our inner critic, and our cynicism, and just build some ideas and concepts afresh, without limiting ourselves to the usual boundaries of sense, physics and economics.  It may be that all of these ideas are rejected, but every now and again you will get to a new, innovative idea that would normally have been shut down at the germinal stage.  Improv Training will directly teach you techniques to allow ideas to grow individually, and as part of a team.  Find out more about Improv Courses for Creativity and Innovation here…

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Effective communication is about being confident in what we are saying and in how we are saying it.  It is extremely hard to come across as genuine if we do not know what we are talking about, or if we doubt our own skills or resources.  This is the space which Improv training sits.  Experience the adrenaline of having to be an expert in something you know nothing about, or respond to a situation you would never be in.  The results are always game changing.  Find out more about Improv Training for Confidence and Communication here…

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It is natural for us to find shortcuts, habits and patterns that lighten the load on our brain for tasks we are faced with every day.  This includes our interactions with other people, and we can find that fall into roles that vary greatly from person to person.  Improv training allows us to effortlessly break these habits and inhabit other aspects of our personalities that would normally reaming stubbornly in the box.  Just be prepared that they may not want to go back in afterwards!  Find out more about Improv Training for Self-Awareness and Emotional Intelligence here…

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Mindfulness is often perceived as akin to a meditative state.  That is a wonderful thing if you have the time and devotion it deserves, but most of our lives are spent in a world of frantic communication and uncertainty. Improvisation demands active mindfulness. It is lively, highly experiential and a very effective tool for raising awareness of yourself and the world around you, allowing you to stay calm in your work and your life.  Find out more about Improv Training for Minfulness and Being Present  here…

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Sometimes we all need a little help to feel good about where we are, who we work with and what we do.   Many more traditional training formats can play into our existing insecurities and allow us to just pick the tasks or behaviours that we are most comfortable with.  That is not the way to stay engaged with what we are doing whether it be at work, or in our social lives.  This is a great re-energiser which is full of positivity and energy.  Find out more about Improv Training for Engagement at Work here…

Courses by Location


Brighton has its own unique arts and cultural scene that has grown with the city for decades.  The Maydays are proud to be part of that heritage, having founded the company here in 2004 and taught, performed and facilitated improv in the city ever since.  Many of our local businesses have experienced improv training for themselves and have found that it fits in with their ethos, their drive for innovation and their respect of the value of human relationships to business.  We can provide all that from our own studio space right by the sea.  Find out more about how you can get world class Business Improv Training in Brighton here…

Business Improv in London

Discover the magic of Improv Training in England’s bustling and thriving capital city.  We have been delivering our unique brand of Improv Training London for well over 15 years now across a wide array of sectors and companies.  If you are in London, or want to use London as a base for your training, then find out how you can access Business Improv Training in London here…

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Improv Performance and Training is thriving in the UK.  Renowned for its cultural and artistic excellence, Improv is following in the tradition of theatre, comedy, dance and the arts in creating a unique and dynamic scene.  Come and experience it for yourself.  Improv is n most cities in the UK now, and if you can’t come to Brighton or London, we can come to you wherever you are in the UK and deliver our world class Improv Training.  Find out more about Improv in the UK here…

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We have a very strong reputation across Europe, the USA and Worldwide with a large network of Improvisers and trainers across the world.  If we can, we like to send our core team to deliver your improv training course, but we can always reach out to our associates across the world to find a trainer that is closer to you, or who better understands the culture, language and business wherever you are.  Improv training is now truly a worldwide phenomena and The Maydays play a key role in connecting with Improv Companies across the globe.  Find out what we offer worldwide here…

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