Business Improv Course: Self-awareness & emotional intelligence

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Low emotional intelligence in your staff can lead to

  • Difficult interactions between staff
  • Fear, anger or hostility
  • Negative effects on productivity
  • Absenteeism and low morale.

It takes a huge amount of energy by management and leadership teams to keep the business on track in such conditions.

In contrast, an organisation which continually invests in the development of emotional intelligence, or EQ, will see an increase over time in commitment, cohesion, engagement and productivity. More high-level resources can then be channelled into driving the business forward, rather than focussing on impediments.

This is a thought-provoking application of improvisation training which may prove to be hard-hitting and transformative for some people.

What to Expect

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Expect to be encouraged and challenged to explore aspects of yourself that you sometimes avoid, or simply ignore.  Find out how you naturally respond in certain situations, and talking to different types of people and how you can change habits and thoughts that may be unhelpful.  Practise being in the moment and aware of those around you.  Improv Training is a great way to reconnect to yourself and to other people, to create meaningful interactions and hilarious memories.

• Worked through a sequence of activities which specifically seek to heighten self-awareness

• Developed more empathy and mutual respect for other colleagues who may have different behavioural types

• Found techniques to deal with and work collaboratively with people exhibiting different behaviours

• Developed an ability and comfort to work ‘out of character’ for the benefit of the group

Who would benefit from this Training Course?

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It may sound corny, but we have not yet found anyone who would not benefit from and improv course.  The feedback from participants is universally positive and the range of take-outs and lasting changes that we hear are unique to each individual.  Ongoing improv training has reportedly had therapeutic effects on those with social anxiety or lack of self-confidence, and can help anyone, regardless of their personality or make up to rediscover their emotional responses and refine their social interactions.

Typical Take Outs

By the end of the session, delegates will have:

  • Found a new level of self-awareness and respect
  • Discovered surprising responses and reactions within themselves
  • Seen their colleagues and co-participants in a new light
  • Feel refreshed and reinvigorated in their outlook to life and work.
Delivery suggestions

This session can be delivered from 2-16 hours and to groups of 8-60 people.  We like to work in a quiet room with few distractions and invite everyone in the room to participate for the entire session.  There is no need for note-taking as this is a highly experiential workshop and we will give plenty of chance for feedback and discussion throughout the session.

Programme logistics

Delivered with trainee(s) and facilitator(s) together in the same space

Closed group

Designed just for people from your organisation

Geographical location

Can be delivered worldwide

How to book

Contact us to tell us more about your plans and projects. If you have identified a training event already, it would help us to know the date and duration you have in mind, the number of delegates you would like to train and any specific issues you’d like to address. We’ll then arrange a Skype or phone call to go through your details and suggest some solutions. If you like what we have to say we’ll send you a full written proposal within a couple of days.

Related Course Categories

It can be difficult to choose the right course for your needs.  The good news is that Improv Training is a great way to reinvigorate, challenge and celebrate people, even if you have no specific outcome in mind.  That said, we have grouped our courses into categories so you can find the right session for your needs.  If you have something else in mind, or simply want to talk to an expert then do get in touch and one of our highly experienced facilitators will get back to you to discuss your needs.  We also have plenty of experience designing bespoke sessions for different industries, roles and skills. We also have a range of CPD Certified generic improv courses to choose from.

Here are some of the categories of Improv Courses that you might find useful.

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Discover a range of courses that are ideally suited for people in teams.  Whether you need to bond a new group quickly or shake up the establishment with a new challenge, Improv Workshops provide the ideal environment for change and deep learning.  Team building and Improv go hand-in-hand, find out why for yourself with one of these courses

Black Chess pieces

Here are some courses that will supercharge people who are used to being in control, having authority and the final say over big decisions.  Reconnect to those around you, remember what it feels like to be vulnerable and not know how to handle a situation.  Practise remaining calm and mindful in these moments, but in a safe, fun and unique environment.  Find out the thrill of Improv Courses for SEOs and Executives here

representation of business people with motivational words behind them

These courses are ideal for those who manage teams of people, project managers and those who have to work in high-powered situations.  Find out how to remain flexible, communicate better and keep your head in a crisis by experiencing the thrill of an Improv Course for Leaders and Managers here…

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Improv at a conference can be used at the very start of day as an energiser; throughout the day as a way of keeping people focussed and engaged, or at the end of a conference as a celebration of the day.  We can provide short, sharp, attention grabbing games or a fully improvised performance as a treat for your delegates.  Find out more about Improv for Conferences and Summits here

Different Course Levels

Choose the level that is right for you and your team.  We can offer short introductions to Business Improv, right through to an integrated training that is ongoing in your business.  These courses come in 2,3,6,12 and 16 hour formats to suit your needs.

Sometimes you need reassurance that what you are investing in is authentic, and will add value to your company.  That is why The Maydays have been accredited by the CPD Certification Service to provide the highest possible standard of Improvisation Training available.  Most of our courses are CPD Accredited.

Jenny Rowe looking delighted while teaching Improv

This CPD accredited course is suitable for any group, team or set of individuals that will benefit from a general grounding in improv skills and their relevance to business.  Expect unexpected revelations and take-aways as each person goes on their own journey, but as part of a team that will become more cohesive as the session goes on.  Find out more about the Introduction to Business Improv course here.

Rebecca MacMillan teaching at The Maydays Improv Festival

The ability to listen, make meaningful connections to other people, be in the moment but actively lead in a crisis are all skills at the heart to business.  This CPD accredited course delivers the tips of the trade from professional stage improvisers about how to remain calm in the face of uncertainty, rely on your inner resources, and connect to those around you to create stronger relationships and a greater sense of self-esteem.  Find out more about Essential Improv Skills for Business here

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Whether you have tried Improv Training before, or you feel you are ready to jump straight in at a higher level, this CPD accredited course will take you quickly to the heart of Improv for Business and explore ideas of commitment, listening, trust and agility in a safe and vibrant environment.  A perfect challenge for a team or high performing leaders in your company.  Find out more about Advanced Improv Skills for Business here

a person letting go of a rope swing over a lake

Build a bridge in 30 minutes, create your workplace out of lego, put on a sumo suit and swim with sharks…traditional team building has relied on a group challenge that encourages working together towards a common goal.  The problem is, it allows people to fall into their well-assigned roles and become caricatures of their usual workplace selves.  Improv Training is different.  This CPD accredited course allows people to find, explore and try out new resources and aspects of their personalities that they would not usually be allowed to use.   Find out more about our challenge course here

Courses for Business in Different Locations

Brighton Pier on a calm day

Brighton has its own unique arts and cultural scene that has grown with the city for decades.  The Maydays are proud to be part of that heritage, having founded the company here in 2004 and taught, performed and facilitated improv in the city ever since.  Many of our local businesses have experienced improv training for themselves and have found that it fits in with their ethos, their drive for innovation and their respect of the value of human relationships to business.  We can provide all that from our own studio space right by the sea.  Find out more about how you can get world class Business Improv Training in Brighton here…

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While we originated in Brighton, most of our trainers now deliver from London.  We have access to many great spaces for your group and can tailor your experience to your group and your budget.  We teach many public courses in London but we can provide bespoke business improv courses in London to bring the unique experience to you.  Find out how you can access Business Improv Training in London here…

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Improv Performance and Training is thriving in the UK.  Renowned for it’s cultural and artistic excellence, Improv is following in the tradition of theatre, comedy, dance and the arts in creating a unique and dynamic scene.  Come and experience it for yourself.  Improv is n most cities in the UK now, and if you can’t come to Brighton or London, we can come to you wherever you are in the UK and deliver our world class Improv Training.  Find out more about Improv in the UK here…

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With communication now being truly global, you need training wherever you are.  Improv Training is about being in the room and responding to people who are standing in front of you.  No phones, no notes, no script, it is distilled interaction and that is partly what makes it so powerful.  We can come to you, wherever you are in the world and deliver our Improv Training for you and your company.  Find out what we offer worldwide here…

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