Business Improv courses in Brighton

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Taster Courses

For a limited time only, we are running CPD Accredited teambuilding tasters in Brighton.  If you want the perfect introduction to Improv for Business for your team then look no further.  This taster session will energise and transform your team and is the perfect way to experience what Improv Training can offer.  Here is what to expect.

  • 1.5 hours of Business Improv Training
  • 1 expert Improv Facilitator
  • A venue that suits your group size and needs
  • This can contribute to your CPD hours
  • Special Offer price of just £500 for the entire team of up to 12 people

Book your own Taster in Brighton at a time and date that suits your team

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The applications of Improvisation for Business are very wide reaching and we are constantly discovering and hearing about moments that have changed people’s behaviors and improved their attitude at work and in the rest of life.  This is the perfect way to start your Improv for Business journey.  Find out more about Improv Skills for Business here.

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Pitching requires individuals to be confident and believable, but also relies on a strong team to rely on and act as a unit when things don’t go as expected.  Improv Training allows you to develop your own communication and presentation skills, while letting you work as a team to practise when to lead and when to follow, when to say ‘yes and’ or ‘yes but’ or even ‘no’!  Find out more about Improv Courses for Pitches and Presentations here.

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The one certainty of business life in the UK right now seems to be uncertainty.  We know we will be working in unfamiliar and unpredictable environments so we need to be prepared.  Prepared to be flexible, agile and remain calm in the face of uncertainty.  Improv is all about responding to the unknown with confidence and clarity.  It is the perfect way to practise being comfortable and keeping our heads when all around are losing theirs.  Find out more about Improv Courses for Flexibility and Agility here…

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It is often the moments of individual brilliance that are celebrated in sport, politics and the arts. As we all know however, that is just a tiny snapshot of a story that involves a team of people and support.  A cohesive team will work together to support each other, know instinctively when to lead, follow, say yes and say no.  When you need ideas and when you need solutions.  Improv training lets you experience any situation as an individual and as a team.  In the right supportive environment that we create, you will feel more connected and more trusted by your team.  Find out more about Improv Courses for Group Dynamics here…

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When do we really find out something new about someone?  When we watch them deal with an unfamiliar situation.  When I see a speaker delivering a perfect script I can’t help feeling a little bit cheated and unengaged.  If however, they drop the mic, lose their place or get heckled then suddenly I am attentive to how they will respond.  Did they stay calm? Did they get flustered and look around for someone to help?  Practise being the person who smiles, breathes and then reconnects to their audience at these moments. Find out more about Improv Training for Confidence and Communication here…

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The pressures of being a leader allow you little time to work on the skills that got you there in the first place.  Ignore soft skills and your ability to communicate at your peril as new habits, patterns and errors of thinking will always creep in and start to dilute your power and productivity.  Improv Training is a refresh button for your working practises.  It will allow you to see yourself and your associates in a new light and with a newfound respect. Find out more about Improv Training for Leaders here…

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It is natural for us to find shortcuts, habits and patterns that lighten the load on our brain for tasks we are faced with every day.  This includes our interactions with other people, and we can find that fall into roles that vary greatly from person to person.  Improv training allows us to effortlessly break these habits and inhabit other aspects of our personalities that would normally reaming stubbornly in the box.  Just be prepared that they may not want to go back in afterwards!  Find out more about Improv Training for Self-Awareness and Emotional Intelligence here…

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Being in the moment is held up as something to aspire to in these times of change.  However, our natural response to the complex situations that we find ourselves in is to think and plan.  For good reason, if we can find a solution to a problem before it is upon us, we can literally increase our chances of survival.  However, what we also need, is the ability to throw the plan away and respond to what is happening in the moment.  No point fighting a lion if we just trod on a snake… Find out more about Improv Training for Mindfulness and Being Present  here…

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Wherever and whatever our working lives take us, it can be hard to stay focussed and engaged, especially if we sit in the same place with the same people every day.  Improv Training can come in and re-energise your opinion of yourself, and of those around you.  Play, laugh, learn, make mistakes and learn not to care so that when it does matter, you are alert, responsive and engaged.  Sometimes we all need a little help to feel good about where we are, who we work with and what we do. A great re-energiser which is full of positivity and energy.  Find out more about Improv Training for Engagement at Work here…

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There will always be aspects of our work that we find difficult, frustrating or dull.  Generally it is the people around us, and our relationships with those people that keep things upbeat and fresh every day.  Improv Training can work for your own positivity and self-esteem as well as working on your interaction with a group. Find out more about Improv Courses for Positivity and Happiness here…

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The huge problem with taking risks is the stakes.  It is not just missing a bin with an apple core, there are livelihoods, investments and relationships on the line when we are faced with risky situations at work and in life.  They will arise though, and it is best to be prepared for how we will behave, and how we will deal with the consequences of our decisions and actions.  Improv Training allows us to inhabit some uncomfortable spaces with the stakes being as low as possible.  With the support of a good facilitator and the commitment of the participants, this really can be a game changing experience. Find out more about Improv Courses for Risk Taking here…

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At the very heart of improv training is a phrase that goes ‘Yes, and…’.  Find out what the deep connotations of that phrase, and it’s counterparts are and what that can teach you about your own patterns of behaviour.  Then you can experience the power of idea generation, group creativity and an abundance of possibilities.  Find out more about Improv Courses for Creativity and Innovation here…

Improv Courses elsewhere

Of course if Brighton is not for you, we also offer courses in London, the UK and worldwide

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Improv in London now has a tradition and a unique output both in terms of performance and training.  The Maydays began in Brighton, but many of our members now life and work in London so delivering our world class training in London is easy and convenient for us and hopefully you too.  We have good relationships with many lovely training spaces and also business experts to deliver a diverse training package that suits your needs.  Find out how you can access Business Improv Training in London here…

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The UK is renowned as a centre of excellence for business and business training.  Many people will travel to the UK for the improv training that we provide at The Maydays.  Whether it is at one of our Improv Residential Festivals, out of our studio in Brighton, in London, or anywhere else in the UK, find out why so many companies are using Improv Training to turbocharge their employees.  Find out more about Improv in the UK here…

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We are proud to be at the forefront of the Improv Revolution that is happening in Europe and across the world.  If you have not heard of it, you will soon.  Improv performance is now available in every major city across the Globe, and if it isn’t then we will come to you to deliver it.  We have delivered at large conferences, or for small teams, at Improv Festivals and cultural events.  Find out what we offer worldwide here…

Improv Courses for People in Business

Improv training for business covers a vast array of skills, sectors and roles within a company.  We can tailor a course specifically for your needs, or you can simply select one of our courses off the shelf.  You can choose from courses in different locations, for specific skill sets, or take advantage of our CPD accreditation to supercharge your training.  Here are some of our tailored Improv Courses…

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The traditional team building away day has had it’s time.  It can be hard to find team building activities that are fresh every time, fun, engaging and that still leave people with a sense of accomplishment and stronger connection.  Improv training has proved itself every time to be able to deliver quality training, while keeping the emphasis on laughter, interaction, creativity and a new experience. Find out more about Improv Courses for Team Building here

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It can be all too easy for people to sit near the back of a conference room, put on their ‘I’m listening’ face and switch off.  No matter how engaging the guest speaker, how much coffee, or how dynamic the entrance music is, it is still hard to keep focussed and active.  We can fix that.  We will have everyone in the room up and interacting with each other, laughing, playing and forming new relationships in the conference room itself.  Your only problem will arise if you try to people back in the box afterwards.  Find out more about Improv for Conferences and Summits here.

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We love when the CEO is in the room participating with everyone else in the company.  It shows honesty, openness and can generate new relationships and interactions effortlessly.  We have also delivered training to a room full of CEOs as a high-powered challenge to shake off old habits and find new ways to respond and create in the moment.  Improv Training provides insights at any level and can help to realign your opinion of those you work with, and yourself.  Find out more about Improv Courses for Executives and CEOs here.

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The different skills required to be an effective manager are really unique to every individual.  There is no perfect set of attributes or skills that can create a great leader.  Improv Training encourages you to be you by allowing you to explore aspects of your personality you may not be so familiar with.  Being in the moment and responding to unusual and unpredictable situations in a safe space is a great way to shake off old habits and find a renewed self-respect.  Find out more about Improv Courses for Leaders and Managers here

Different Course Levels

Choose the level that is right for you and your team.  We can offer short introductions to Business Improv, right through to an integrated training that is ongoing in your business.

Sometimes you need reassurance that what you are investing in is authentic, and will add value to your company.  That is why The Maydays have been accredited by the CPD Certification Service to provide the highest possible standard of Improvisation Training available.  Most of our courses are CPD Accredited.

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This CPD accredited course is suitable for any group, team or set of individuals that will benefit from a general grounding in improv skills and their relevance to business.  Expect unexpected revelations and take-aways as each person goes on their own journey, but as part of a team that will become more cohesive as the session goes on.  Find out more about the Introduction to Business Improv course here.

Rebecca MacMillan teaching at The Maydays Improv Festival

This CPD accredited course will show you how the skills used to create spontaneous shows in front of an audience are directly transferable to business.  If business relationships and interaction are important for your business, then improv training can deliver deep, embodied learning and provide a fresh, innovative approach to training.  Find out more about Essential Improv Skills for Business here

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If you are looking to build on other soft skills or improv training you have had in the past then this CPD accredited course will take you through the basics, and on to the rich array of learning, collaboration and celebration that lie at the centre of improv training.  Perfect for working on those soft skills in a fresh way. Find out more about Advanced Improv Skills for Business here

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It is always good to shake up the existing hierarchies and roles of an existing team, or throw a new team a challenge and see how they respond.  Traditional team building exercises have focussed on the challenging element of their activities for many year.  Improv Training delivers this challenge, but in the safe, non-judgemental space created by our expert facilitators.  We are not looking to humiliate or defeat people, we want everyone, even the most introverted to have their moment to shine.  Dressed up as a challenge, our CPD accredited course is really a celebration of being human.  Find out more about our challenge course here

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