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Closed Group Improv Courses in London

If you want something exclusively for your team, personnel or clients, then we have a range of courses available off the peg that we can come and deliver for you.  We have categorised them into different skill-sets and they will all cover the basics of Improv for Business and the transformative effects that it can have on you personally, at work and as part of a team.  If you are interested in any of the following courses, all you need to do is get in touch with us and one of our experts will guide you to the perfect course for you.

If you already know what you need, contact us now to tell us all about it.

Dart board with a dart stuck in the bulls-eye

Soft skills lie at the very heart of a successful business.  It is the ability to communicate, get your ideas across and form genuine relationships with people you work with and people you do business with.  Improv training is ideally suited to really practise these soft skills in a safe environment so that when you get back to the business world you are more prepared for whatever is thrown at you.  Find out more about Improv Courses for Soft Skills Training here.

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Presenting and public speaking require you to be a performer.  You are under scrutiny from your audience, whether they be an important client or a full conference room.  Improv training has its roots in performance with many of the techniques coming straight from years of experience improvising on stage with no script.  It is these skills that we can bring to you and let you experience the thrill, but also the deep learning that improv training provides.  Find out more about Improv Courses for Pitches and Presentations here.

A flexible man doing the bridge pose

People go to the gym, do yoga and exercise as part of their daily lives.  Well it’s hardly news that we need to keep our brains active and challenged to stay healthy also.  Improv training really can reach places that traditional training formats cannot touch.  It is exciting and new every time, it encourages you to step forward out of your comfort zone and rewards you with affirmation, applause and a feeling of genuine achievement.  Find out more about Improv Courses for Flexibility and Agility here…

A circle of hands and feet from above

Being on stage with your improv team performing an hour long musical with no script demands that you are working instinctively as a unit.  Find out the secrets to success on stage, and how that applies directly to any team of people.  Instead of a theory based approach, we use a live, experiential environment to understand what is really happening in a group, then we can respond to the needs of each group in the moment. Find out more about Improv Courses for Group Dynamics here…

Three people chatting at a restaurant table

Effective communication is about being confident in what we are saying and in how we are saying it.  It is extremely hard to come across as genuine if we do not know what we are talking about, or if we doubt our own skills or resources.  This is the space which Improv training sits.  Experience the adrenaline of having to be an expert in something you know nothing about, or respond to a situation you would never be in.  The results are always game changing.  Find out more about Improv Training for Confidence and Communication here…

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Being an inspiring leader means you must inspire the confidence and trust of those around you.  That can only genuinely be earned if you also have confidence and trust in yourself.  Improv training takes you to new and unfamiliar situations and you get to learn how you deal with them, and how to improve the way you react to uncertainty and retain your control over yourself, and others if necessary.  Find out more about Improv Training for Leaders here…

A woman's face in front of a spiral pattern

It is important for us to get a new perspective on our lives from time to time.  This can be increasingly hard to do as we gather experiences and mature.  Improv Training provides a fresh way to look at ourselves and our behavioural patterns.  The way we treat other people and the way we expect to be treated ourselves all come under scrutiny when we are improvising, and it gives us the chance to notice, and change ingrained behaviours.  Find out more about Improv Training for Self-Awareness and Emotional Intelligence here…

A woman with her palm upwards with images of thought bubbles around her

Mindfulness does not have be a solo activity.  If we can practise being in the moment in any situation, then we are more likely to remain calm in a crisis, be able to communicate more effectively and step into different roles when required with ease.  Improv Training allows us to experience the unknown, but to reaming aware of our team mates and our own responses.  All of this while laughing and making new connections?  Sounds too good to be true?  Find out more about Improv Training for Mindfulness and Being Present  here…

A group of business people looking at a laptop screen

Dial it in, do it in your sleep, here we go again.  Many of our working habits will be based around routine, and however exciting it may be at first, it can quickly become dull.  Experience the palette cleansing of an improv workshop to recharge your batteries and view old situations with a fresh attitude.  Sometimes we all need a little help to feel good about where we are, who we work with and what we do. A great re-energiser which is full of positivity and energy.  Find out more about Improv Training for Engagement at Work here…

A woman holding up her hand with the index finger and thumb forming a circle

We know that ‘a change is as good as a rest’ for keeping us alert, engaged and happy.  That can be difficult though when so many of our work habits we rely on to get us through the day successfully.  Improv Training can change the routine, sweep away the every day and give you a unique experience with the people you see all time.  Emerge a happier, more positive person.  Find out more about Improv Courses for Positivity and Happiness here…

A tandem skydive with the plane in the background

You have done abseiling, charity freefalls, formula 1 pit experiences and assault courses.  What could you possibly do to challenge and stretch your team in a new and exciting way?  Singing.  Yup, singing in front of your colleagues.  It may sound terrifying but that is your golden opportunity to do something that scares you and emerge more resilient and proud.  This course takes a group of people very gently through some musical improv exercises and is guaranteed to make you leave the room humming to yourself.   A high challenge course which stretches comfort zones to the maximum but without the need to drag your body through a physical assault course. Find out more about Improv Courses for Risk Taking here…

A light bulb with blackboard lines and circles coming out behind

There are times when we need to shut off our inner critic, and our cynicism, and just build some ideas and concepts afresh, without limiting ourselves to the usual boundaries of sense, physics and economics.  It may be that all of these ideas are rejected, but every now and again you will get to a new, innovative idea that would normally have been shut down at the germinal stage.  Improv Training will directly teach you techniques to allow ideas to grow individually, and as part of a team.  Find out more about Improv Courses for Creativity and Innovation here…

Westminster Bridge with the Houses of Parliament behind

London is the epicentre of business, culture and enterprise in the UK.  Having originated in Brighton, it was a natural move for us to offer performance and training in London.  We have close connections with all the major Improv Groups and Providers in London and access to unique spaces and trainers.  Business Improv Training is now well established in London and the range of training available is starting to rival that available in the USA.  We are one of the longest established providers of Improv Training in London and have regular performances in the top London Improv Venues.

Improvisation has had a home in London for over 40 years with improv shows running twice a week at the Comedy Store featuring the cast from Whose Line is it Anyway.  The scene has moved on enormously since then, but many of the regulars now play at the many improv venues than now exist in the city.  Alongside this, using improv for business has grown steadily and there is now a wealth of expertise and innovation right at the heart of our capital city which The Maydays are proud to be at the forefront of.

London City

The bridges of London at dusk from the sky

London is so well connected that it is often the choice of location, even for businesses that are located further afield. With it’s vibrant day and nightlife, multi-cultural environment and access to world class theatre, galleries and restaurants,who wouldn’t want to take their team to London for a day!  London is highly respected for its business training schools and courses and taking a business improv course in London will help you make connections, meet like-minded people and create opportunities for collaboration and enterprise.

London continues to host World class conferences and exhibitions and has managed to stay ahead of the game hosting events from the Olympics to Global summits.  The Maydays have been providing Improv for Business in London for over 15 years across a huge spectrum of organisations and sectors.  Get in touch to experience the power of improv training for yourself.

Improv Courses elsewhere

Sometimes you want to get out of the city and get some fresh air or just a change of scene.  Fortunately we offer Improv Courses everywhere.  If you do not have a specific place in mind, we will try to find the place that is right for you.

Brighton pier on a calm day

Brighton is one of the most popular away day locations in the country and for good reason.  Not only is it the original home of The Maydays (we still perform every month at The Komedia), but you have access to world class event hosting, restaurants, entertainment and you can go for a dip in the sea when it’s all done.  We have our own training studio right next to the iconic i360 viewing tower so you can enjoy your improv training as part of a memorable day out.  Find out more about how you can get world class Business Improv Training in Brighton here…

The UK totally white with white glowing dust around it

Improv Performance and Training is thriving in the UK.  Renowned for it’s cultural and artistic excellence, Improv is following in the tradition of theatre, comedy, dance and the arts in creating a unique and dynamic scene.  Come and experience it for yourself.  Improv is n most cities in the UK now, and if you can’t come to Brighton or London, we can come to you wherever you are in the UK and deliver our world class Improv Training.  Find out more about Improv in the UK here…

a map of the world in bright colours

With communication now being truly global, you need training wherever you are.  Improv Training is about being in the room and responding to people who are standing in front of you.  No phones, no notes, no script, it is distilled interaction and that is partly what makes it so powerful.  We can come to you, wherever you are in the world and deliver our Improv Training for you and your company.  Find out what we offer worldwide here…

Improv Courses for people in Business

Improv training for business covers a vast array of skills, sectors and roles within a company.  We can tailor a course specifically for your needs, or you can simply select one of our courses off the shelf.  You can choose from courses in different locations, for specific skill sets, or take advantage of our CPD accreditation to supercharge your training.  Here are some of our tailored Improv Courses…

A group of chess pawns facing one single pawn

Working as a team is the very heart of business, and the very heart of Improvisation.  On stage there is no room for uncertainty, when it is your turn to step up and deliver then you must do so, and when it is time to take a step back, you must do it with generosity and awareness.  These are the skills that improv brings to the table for team building skills.  Find out more about Improv Courses for Team Building here.

A large full conference room from the back

Improv at a conference can be used at the very start of day as an energiser; throughout the day as a way of keeping people focussed and engaged, or at the end of a conference as a celebration of the day.  We can provide short, sharp, attention grabbing games or a fully improvised performance as a treat for your delegates.  Find out more about Improv for Conferences and Summits here

A dog sitting on a chair

Those at the top have to learn to deal with huge responsibility and accountability.  It is vital they can communicate effectively, delegate and justify their decisions when things don’t go as planned.  Improv Training allows you to experience an infinite array of scenarios, emotions and personalities but without the pressure of getting anything wrong.  Just come, be yourself and be in the moment and you will discover resources you never thought you had.  Find out more about Improv Courses for Executives and CEOs here.

A road with white and red arrows superimposed

The responsibilities of managers and team leaders are onerous and can wear people down over time.  Improv Training can help to revitalise people, and refresh the way they interact with their colleagues, regardless of their status in the company.  A leader in business must be flexible, trustworthy and a great communicator.  All of the soft skills that can be so hard to work on in a way that is fresh and engaging.  Improv Training provides that environment where leaders can really thrive and develop.  Find out more about Improv Courses for Leaders and Managers here

Our range of Generic Improv Courses

If you do not have a specific focus, soft skill or group of people in mind, you may want to try a more general approach to Improv Training.  The take outs are always unique to each individual and can be surprising and far-reaching as well as the traditional benefits such as improved confidence and better communication.  Sometimes you need reassurance that what you are investing in is authentic, and will add value to your company.  That is why The Maydays have been accredited by the CPD Certification Service to provide the highest possible standard of Improvisation Training available.  Here are our CPD accredited courses…

Jenny Rowe looking delighted while teaching Improv

A great place to start to experience the diverse and fascinating world of Improv Training.  This CPD accredited course has been designed to take even the most diverse and recent group or team and take them through the basic tents of improvisation and the benefits of Improv in the business world.  Find out more about the Introduction to Business Improv course here.

Rebecca MacMillan teaching at The Maydays Improv Festival

The ability to listen, make meaningful connections to other people, be in the moment but actively lead in a crisis are all skills at the heart to business.  This CPD accredited course delivers the tips of the trade from professional stage improvisers about how to remain calm in the face of uncertainty, rely on your inner resources, and connect to those around you to create stronger relationships and a greater sense of self-esteem.  Find out more about Essential Improv Skills for Business here

the word skills with images coming off it

This course will take your team or group on a journey through the accepted tenets of Improv Training, and deliver some key insights into their application for your business.  Where people or product focussed, there is always something new to learn about yourself and the way you behave and perform in your business.  This CPD accredited course is a tried and tested way of going deeper into the soft skills that lie at the heart of a successful business.  Find out more about Advanced Improv Skills for Business here

a person letting go of a rope swing over a lake

Build a bridge in 30 minutes, create your workplace out of lego, put on a sumo suit and swim with sharks…traditional team building has relied on a group challenge that encourages working together towards a common goal.  The problem is, it allows people to fall into their well-assigned roles and become caricatures of their usual workplace selves.  Improv Training is different.  This CPD accredited course allows people to find, explore and try out new resources and aspects of their personalities that they would not usually be allowed to use.  Exercises where the quietes person has the most important role, the loudest learning to follow and take direction.  Find out more about our challenge course here

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