Business improv training formats

In-company Business Improv workshops

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Improv skills training for small groups of 8 to 24 people. We can deliver to multiple groups concurrently or consecutively, depending on your total delegate numbers.

  • From 90 mins to 6 hours
  • Up to 240 concurrently

The Maydays Improv Experience

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Start with an improvised musical performance by The Maydays to break the ice. After an improv training workshop, your people step up on stage to perform alongside The Maydays.

  • From 90 minutes to 6 hours
  • Up to 500 concurrently

The Maydays Conference Experience

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High energy and engagement without the need for delegates to move from their seats. Use this to build attentiveness ahead of the keynote, or to stimulate conversation and interaction.

  • From 30 to 60 minutes
  • Up to 5,000

Conference Energisers

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Great for first thing or after lunch to help delegates relax, de-stress and get to know each other, or reinvigorate and re-engage after lunch.

  • From 5 to 30 minutes
  • Up to 5,000

Live online business improv training

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Live online improv in groups of up to 14 people, or multiple concurrent or consecutive groups all possible. A favourite team builder for international or home-worker colleagues.

  • From 1 to 3 hours
  • Up to 160 concurrently

The Maydays C-suite Improv Retreat

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A high-challenge, immersive experience for executives and senior leadership teams. For top-tier teams of minimum eight people who need to cope better with high-risk, high-profile roles.

  • Minimum 2 days
  • Up to 36

Open Business Improv Courses Online

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Quality business improv courses for one or more employees who can sign up as individuals. New classes start regularly.

  • 90 minutes
  • Up to 14 per group

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What it’s like to work with us

We’ve worked with some wonderful people and organisations

Our clients are as diverse in size and sector as it is possible to be, from aerospace to finance, consulting to communications, government, pharmaceuticals, local and international charities, education, media and hospitality.

Here are a few of the organisations we've helped:

British Council
Church of England: Diocese of Norwich
Ernst and Young
Friends of the Earth
Kings College London
Legal and General
Rainbow Trust children's charity
Roffey Park

What our clients say

The Maydays’ show was definitely the highlight of our event. They got the mood of the audience immediately and presented a great, high level show which was both clever and extremely funny at the same time. Best of all was their enormous sense of fun, which was completely contagious for the audience.

Tomas Marcenaro Lynx Global Brand Director Unilever

The Maydays’ performance was the highlight of our clergy conference – hilarious, clever and pitched perfectly for the audience. They enthralled us by turning our suggestions and comments into comic turns and songs. The laughter never stopped and it was all totally appropriate – slightly cheeky but never offensive. They got the audience on their side from the start, and the mood of happiness and delight lingered long after they’d left the stage.

The Rt Revd Graham James Bishop of Norwich Church of England

It was never going to be an easy task doing an active activity with a bunch of hungover grumpy individuals, but the session was super fun – crazy how she instantly knew everyone’s names! After all the fun, it was great to sit down and reflect on the cultural values and see that there were quite a few at play in the session. I also took other learnings from the session (‘yes but’ is easy by default, but maybe we can approach other peoples’ ideas as ‘yes and’). Nice!

Group feedback UBER Edinburgh,

CPD accredited, reliable delivery

Our programmes are thoroughly researched, tried and tested and we have a track record of delivering consistently high quality experiences. As such, we are externally accredited and can issue everyone with a CPD certificate on completion of their business improv experience.

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Business improv FAQs

Does improv training work with introverts?

People are often amazed to find out that a good two-thirds of The Maydays consider themselves to be introverted. Improvisation in many ways transcends that, and when we run a session, we play to the introverts in the room. Usually they come out with the funniest stuff, and the value of the quietest member of the team becomes apparent to everyone.

So yes, improv works particularly well with introverts. And that doesn’t mean we’re trying to get introverts to pop out the other end of the training as extroverts. No, we like them as they are, we respect that and we work with them at their own level of comfort.

How customised is customised?

We spend a lot of time talking with you in the lead up to the event. Whilst our core offering has an awful lot to offer, we like to make it special and personal every time.

The Maydays Corporate Training Experiences are tailored in 3 ways, according to:

  • the expressed needs of the organisation’s L&D team
  • the emergent characteristics and personality types within the group
  • the mood in the room on the day
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Tell us your business improv need

If you know what you need down to the last detail, let's go over your plans and give you the info you need. If you know vaguely what you want – like a more motivated team, or better collaboration, but you can’t imagine how that could work and still be funny and dynamic – let us inspire you.

What improv are you interested in?

Where and for how long?

Book a call to talk it through

After the meeting we’ll put together a detailed proposal within 48 hours.

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