Calm before the Storm

Today’s moral of the story is this: don’t assume you have a technician. Not even a ghost of one.
This morning we’re sorting out a voiceover for the start of the show. We weren’t planning on doing it quite like this but it turns out we won’t have any sort of techie so we need to find a way to introduce ourselves and get on stage. But, hey, we’re improvisers so what’s a sudden change of plans to us?
Of course none of us are that ‘techie’ so we’re in discussion about making Jason’s pre-recorded voiceover sound even more fantastic.  In Heather’s words ‘we’re just in a bit of a pickle about putting the thingy on the thingy’.
Incidentally, Jason’s voiceover was recorded in our new studio (the toilet) with top of the range sound-proofing (a duvet on his head).
Joe (our MD) has a box. It’s a very impressive box with lots of knobs and buttons on it that makes sounds like this ‘Weeeeeeeooooooooeeeee-p!’, and ‘moooooo’ or simply the twittering of garden birds. For random improv-required sound effects it is a dream, and It is over this that Katy and Rebecca are pondering in order to get ‘the thingy on the thingy’.
Tonight is the first show of many and we have Corrie and Emmerdale actress Annie Fitzmaurice appearing as our guest. Later this afternoon I’m off to see her show ‘The Fragility of X’ but that’s not before our first improvised singing appearance on Princes Street at 3pm. Maybe we’ll see you there?
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  1. Audrey Rowe

    Didn’t follow this up when first seen. Oh dear, what a start – but you are all talented, clever people, aren’t you?

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