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Online Scenes and Characters Improv Course
10th April 2021
A six-week improv course looking at scenes and characters   About this Event   Building on the foundations of improv you already know, this course takes a closer look at how to make a ‘scene’ from nothing and the various characters we can bring to those scenes. We’ll focus on practising the tools already learned...
Online Beginners Improv Course
10th April 2021
Online Beginners Improv Course   About this Event   Improvisation is theatre without a script. Scenes games and stories created on the spot without a plan or a safety net. It can be funny, sad, strange, or anything you want it to be. Like yoga for your brain, practising improv helps you to remain present...
Online Shortform Shake-Up Improv Course
9th April 2021
Learn the core principles of Shortform Improvisation   About this Event   Tired of the same-old-same-old when it comes to improv games? Wondering how you can jump into your scenes quicker? Our short-form course is exactly the tonic you need. The move into online formats has changed the way we rehearse and perform, but it...
Online Duos Improv Course
9th April 2021
Online Duos Improv Course with Jules Munns   About this Event   ‘Twoprov’, or ‘duos’ are shows with only two improvisers in. It’s as simple and as complex as that. There is no one else to please and no one else to satisfy. Ranging from the frenetic Two-man Movie to the chatty Bassprov, the art...
Online Beginners Musical Improv Course
8th April 2021
Online Beginners Musical Improv Course   About this Event   Musical improvisation can look like a miracle. A skilled player can make lyrics, melody and rhyme appear like magic. But the skills and practices of musical improvisation are accessible and learnable. Plus, they will add to the emotional range and commitment of all of your...
Online Two Forms Improv Course (Four Track and Pretty Flower)
8th April 2021
Two forms that will expand the boundaries of what you believe improv can do   About this Event   We all dream of the ultimate improv show: gripping but hilarious, moving yet effortlessly creative, alive with all the possibilities of theatre. In this Nursery/Maydays Online Two Forms Course you’ll study a pair of formats that...
Online Improv Course: Acting on Screen for Improvisers
6th April 2021
The most useful parts of specialist actor training, coached by professional actors and adapted especially for improvisers.   About this Event   Improv teaches us about listening, yes and, spontaneity and more, but there is a world of skills from professional acting that are also helpful for improvisers. In order to communicate clearly our intentions...
Women’s Workshop: Roar – Releasing Your Inner Lion(ness)
28th March 2021
Women’s Workshop: Roar- Releasing Your Inner Lion(ness) with Nicole Mischler   About this Event   Women’s workshops are an open and supportive creative space. We use an inclusive definition of “woman” and “female” and we welcome genderqueer women and non-binary people who are significantly female-identified. We encourage participants to come and be bold and fearless and meet...
Online Improv Super-Elective: Storystarters – Improv into writing
22nd April 2021
Storystarters – Improv into writing with Jenny Rowe   About this Event   You like FICTION? You like IMPROVISING? Sometimes a beautiful seed of an idea is created in an improv class, or show, then lost forever. What if we catch it, play with it, and give it permanence on the page? This 4-week super-elective...
Online Ten Styles of Scene Improv Course
7th April 2021
Online Ten Styles of Scene Improv Course   About this Event   In this course, you will concentrate on the fundamentals and joys of really great improv scenes. No frills, no show structures, just two people and a suggestion. Over ten weeks, you will be introduced to ten styles of scene, using different skills and...
The Fringe Show
Taking the Brighton Fringe brochure as their inspiration, The Maydays create an entirely new show every night. Each evening, the audience are asked to choose performances and events from the fringe guide. Tours, workshops, comedy, cabaret, theatre or circus – The Maydays will take any offer from the hat and give it their own special...
Happily Never After
An Improvised Gothic Musical Tale The Maydays have been quietly gathering an army of fans around the world with their exceptional talent for creating skin-prickling theatre from nothing. Now they are dazzling audiences with their hugely popular and deliciously dark musical show, Happily Never After. Created from a single audience suggestion, The Maydays weave a...
Tonight’s Top Story
Inspired by newspaper articles cut out by the audience just minutes before curtain time. This is improv without tricks, gimmicks or games, just a live comedic exploration, through scenes and songs, of the secret heart of your city. It is the world only hinted at by your local paper but finally revealed by the comedic...
Confessions takes audience stories and secrets written down before the show starts and turns them into songs, sketches and beguiling stories. Expect, secrets, lies and guilt. ***** “The Maydays are a troupe to watch out for if you love daring improvisational comedy” Latest7 **** “The Maydays combine the feel of a late-night game of truth...
The Improvability Drive
The Maydays combine a shortform improv montage in the first half with a longform finale that conflates earlier games and ideas together into a satisfying whole. “I like to be in at the beginning of something, maybe it’s the Svengali in me – I prefer to see the Arctic Monkeys at The Freebutt, not Wembley...
Pitch That Show
Ideas are pitched live and in the moment every night, for a brand new improvised show inspired by your suggestions. All you have to do is pick your favourite then sit back and watch The Maydays deliver the enticing never before seen show they promised, using their unique blend of improvised comedy, music and theatre....
The Last Ten Years
The Maydays dissect the last decade, using audience recollections from the last 10 years to fuel their critically acclaimed improvised theatre. Expect laughter, sadness, joy, nostalgia…and above all the unexpected. I would definitely recommend seeing The Maydays. You’re absolutely guaranteed a laugh and with a Brighton audience there’s never a dull moment. **** Broadway Baby
The Seagull has Landed
The Seagull has Landed asks the audience for their experiences of Brighton.  Seagulls, beaches, complementary therapies and alternative lifestyles make up Brighton’s eclectic seaside community.  Whether you’re Brighton born and bred, just visiting or came for a holiday and never left, celebrate and explore this crazy city with The Maydays.
Oh Boy! The Quantum Leap Show
Theorising that new episodes are possible within their own lifetime, the Maydays step into the Quantum Leap accelerator and vanish. Paying homage to the classic sci-fi series and based entirely on audience suggestions, the Maydays jump through time to put right what once went wrong. Enjoy a brand new episode every day with some super...
Guest Who?
Guest Who invites a special guest to tell stories from their life based on one word from the audience.  These monologues inspire improvised sketches and musical numbers.  Previous guests include Jim Bowen (Bullseye), Rob Rouse (Dave’s One Night Stand, 8 Out Of 10 Cats), Keith Farnan (Michael McIntyre’s BBC Comedy Roadshow), Carl Donnelly (Mock The...
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