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Online Improv Elective: What is the Tempo?
25th January 2021
What is the Tempo? Identifying and Maintaining Tension in a Scene   About this Event   When two improvisers encounter each other, a quality of tension is established. A quick initiation, recognition and maintenance of the fabric of this tension can give the scene purposeful direction and players immense joy. This class will explore three...
Online Improv Elective: Confidence and presence
20th January 2021
Understand stage presence and how to be a more confident and captivating performer.   About this Event   Great scenes are at the heart of great improvisation. So let’s spend some real time on them. Ideal accompaniments to the nursery longform or narrative courses, these classes are deep-dives into particular areas of scene work. They...
Online Improv Elective: Extreme Characters
17th January 2021
Extreme Characters with Inbal Lori   About this Event   Have you ever wondered why most of us play “normal” or “neutral” characters most of the time? Do you have the urge to play characters which are bigger than life and /or are very different from you? Are you struggling with playing these kinds of...
Online Improv Super-Elective: Improvised Rap with Will Naameh
14th February 2021
Improvised Rap with Will Naameh   About this Event   Improvised rapping is one of the things improvisers find most terrifying. We’re often taught in musical improv to “not worry about rhyming, because it’s hard”. This course will help you turn that fear into joyous fun, and give you the confidence and ability to rhyme...
Online Improv Super-Elective: Improvised Monologues
17th January 2021
Poems, storytelling and character monologues. Learn how to heighten your improvised monologue game.   About this Event   Improvised Monologues can capture and heighten any improvised scene. Whether it is improvised poetry, storytelling or incorporating monologues into genre based improvisation, Shaun will give you the tools to present character driven monologues. Week One: The Improvised Poem....
Online Improv Elective: Two-line jokes
17th January 2021
Two-line jokes with Kim Howard Johnson   About this Event   This one-shot workshop focuses on writing jokes from one specific source (The Times of London), using the Comedy Lab’s four-step process. We’ll begin by writing a joke as a group, followed by individual jokes from students. There will be a look at how to write...
Online Improv Elective: Grounded scenes
30th January 2021
Online Improv Elective: Grounded scenes   About this Event   The Nursery/Maydays longform electives are classes on specific aspects of longform improvisation Some of these classes focus on skills and some on forms, some on narrative ideas and some on Chicago-style longform. In these classes, students will have the opportunity to play sidecoached longform sets...
Online Improv Elective: “You know what the problem with you is?”
3rd February 2021
“You know what the problem with you is?” – Playing arguments and conflict   About this Event   Great scenes are at the heart of great improvisation. So let’s spend some real time on them. Ideal accompaniments to the nursery long-form or narrative courses, these classes are deep-dives into particular areas of scene-work. They are...
Online Puppetry Improv Course
23rd February 2021
Learn how to breathe life into inanimate objects, creating unique scenes & characters!   About this Event   Want to create complete weirdos out of inanimate objects? Got a single sock in the drawer then needs new life? Perhaps you just really like puppets and want to pretend you’re part of Jim Henson’s cool gang....
Online Ten Styles of Scene Improv Course
26th January 2021
Online Ten Styles of Scene Improv Course   About this Event   In this course, you will concentrate on the fundamentals and joys of really great improv scenes. No frills, no show structures, just two people and a suggestion. Over ten weeks, you will be introduced to ten styles of scene, using different skills and...
Happily Never After
An Improvised Gothic Musical Tale The Maydays have been quietly gathering an army of fans around the world with their exceptional talent for creating skin-prickling theatre from nothing. Now they are dazzling audiences with their hugely popular and deliciously dark musical show, Happily Never After. Created from a single audience suggestion, The Maydays weave a...
Tonight’s Top Story
Inspired by newspaper articles cut out by the audience just minutes before curtain time. This is improv without tricks, gimmicks or games, just a live comedic exploration, through scenes and songs, of the secret heart of your city. It is the world only hinted at by your local paper but finally revealed by the comedic...
Confessions takes audience stories and secrets written down before the show starts and turns them into songs, sketches and beguiling stories. Expect, secrets, lies and guilt. ***** “The Maydays are a troupe to watch out for if you love daring improvisational comedy” Latest7 **** “The Maydays combine the feel of a late-night game of truth...