Improv Genre Selection Box: Meet your teachers This year we are excited to bring you not one but three holiday time intensives! Here we meet the teachers of the improv genre selection box. We find out about their class and what they are hoping to get from Santa!   So, who are the teachers of...
by Jenny Rowe. What a crazy beast Edinburgh is. It doesn’t matter how much I prepare for it, I always find my best intentions broken; I struggle to know what day it is, I regularly run out of phone battery – not to mention sleep – and I fail to see most of the shows...
Day: Saturday Time 3:00-6:30 Class: The Deconstruction In my humble opinion, the best way to really get your head around a subject or a concept is to teach it to someone else. You’re never more in the moment than when you’re teaching and that’s when you find things you didn’t think you were looking for....
by Jenny Rowe THIS IS A BLOG ABOUT FAILURE… …ironically, I failed to write it the first time, but I re-committed and added a ton of enthusiasm so now it’s here. So I suppose that’s an improv lesson right there. This is a slightly embarrassing foray into my improv journey, focusing on something I bring up with...
by Jason Blackwater The train and coach tickets are bought, the accomodation is prepared for our August arrival and The Maydays are on their way to Edinburgh for a month. I’m here to introduce you to The Maydays’ Edinburgh experience blog where you’ll get all the latest up-to-the-minute news, reviews, facts, figures, pics, vids, and...
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