Corporate Improv Training

The Maydays Training Experience

Improvisation is fast becoming recognised as the most efficient and exciting way to develop core business skills. Whether it be listening and communication skills, to trust and leadership, improvisation can provide the safe environment in which to explore different aspects of your own style.

Being spontaneous, creative and supportive within a safe environment is crucial training for when you need these core skills in the real world. Whether it’s delivering your presentation, or chairing a meeting, improvisation can help you make clear decisions in the moment and communicate your ideas effectively.

The Maydays Experience offer many levels of training from a single half-day session to a series of workshops and events. We can take a team and put them through their paces in an exciting and innovative way, but without making anyone look or feel silly. Improvisation is not role-play. We allow people to find truth in their scenes and explore characters and connections that are not heavily prescribed. The journey could go anywhere and usually does!

The Maydays Show Experience

Whether you want an after dinner show, need to liven up your awards ceremony or are looking for the perfect way to round off your conference then look no further than The Maydays. We create truly bespoke entertainment that is inspired by information you provide. The Maydays can turn anything into a full musical number or a hilarious sketch, whether that be the personalities and specifics of your awards, the anecdotes of your conference participants, or acronyms and themes that are personal to your company.

We do not ridicule people, we empower them. It is truly unique to see your story used as the seed for a comedy sketch or musical number. By adding a personal touch and capturing the individuality of your team onstage, we provide an unforgettable evening of comedy and musical entertainment.

Here are the Maydays in action after a corporate training event for over 500 delegates for a multinational corporation, repeat clients GSK, which combined 6 x 45-minute workshops with a gala event performance, where The Maydays take stories from the delegates and turn them into sketches and songs.

Contact us to discuss how we can turn your event into one that will be talked about for years.

The Maydays Training and Show

Our Training and Show Experience allows you to take what you have learned to the next level immediately. We will take you through some of our key exercises and skills for thinking quickly and enabling lively and dynamic discussions. Then you have the chance to feel the excitement of being part of a live improvised show, putting your new skills to the test in the ultimate scenario and performing with us in front of your colleagues. We do not humiliate people. We pride ourselves on creating a safe space, both onstage and in the training, to allow each individual’s creativity to shine through. The training and show experience is a wonderful opportunity for your team to stretch and challenge themselves in a way that is both bonding and exhilarating.

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