‘IN REAL LIFE’ Improv Book Club
28th January 2022
Brighton, UK
‘IN REAL LIFE’ Improv Book Club For Advanced Improvisers Don’t have time for your improv AND your book club? Why not combine the two? What can I expect? A mini-book club in which we discuss our set text Games and warm-ups tailored to the source material Scenes and longer sets based in the world of...
‘IN REAL LIFE’ Story Songs – Musical Improv Advanced Course
5th January 2022
Brighton, UK
Story Songs A workshop dedicated to musical storytelling Many times in musical improv we want to tell our stories in a scene and then stop to sing the song but what if the song IS the story? Drawing from influences like Folk tales, Pirate Reels and even good old country and Western, we’ll spend 6...
Online Corporate Improv Drop-in
17th November 2021
Online Corporate Improv Comedy Drop-in The Maydays online business improv drop-in is an OPEN group programme, allowing you to book a place as an individual, without needing to form a group in your own company.   1st Wednesday every month, 3.30-5 pm UK Time, Online Zoom Room. Level: Open – A class for anyone, regardless of...
‘IN REAL LIFE’ Intro to Improv Comedy – Beginners Course
4th January 2022
Brighton, UK
‘IN REAL LIFE’ Level 1 of The Maydays shortform improvised comedy courses – CPD Accredited. About this Event Unleash your creative potential and increase your confidence with improvised comedy IN REAL LIFE! Great for all levels and abilities, improv uses no scripts or prepared material. Comedy is created in the moment: a playful and liberating...
‘IN REAL LIFE’ Intro to Improv Comedy – Performers Course
3rd January 2022
Brighton, UK
IN REAL LIFE – Intro to Improv – Performance Course – CPD Accredited. About this event Level 2 of The Maydays short form improvised comedy courses. This 6 week, level 2 course will go more deeply into the techniques that make improvisation games fly! Character, object work, wordplay, physical comedy. Learn more about the kind of games...
ONLINE Musical Drop-in
Online Zoom Room
Your Sunday Musical joy ride is here! Two hours of Musical improv fun – no experience necessary! About this event Two hours of improvising musical numbers with some of the most experienced teachers on the improv scene. You will have an opportunity to connect with people around the world and share community and laughter through...
Online Improv Elective: Songs in Genre
10th July 2021
Online Improv Elective: Songs in Genre About this event Take your genre improv up to another level by adding in the magic of songs in character. Imagine a Victorian music hall number for Sherlock Holmes, Hamlet’s Prince of Denmark blues or a regency style duet between two rivals for the affections of a Mr-Darcy-a-like. This...
Online Improv Elective: Let’s Get Serious
14th July 2021
Online Improv Elective: Let’s Get Serious About this event Comedy is great, we all love it so. Though the world of improv is so much more than just comedy. Theatrical improv which taps into your personal experiences and emotions can elicit gasps and stunned silence from an audience. Playing a scene in a more dramatic...