Online Improv Elective: Matching Scenes
4th August 2021
Online Improv Elective: Matching Scenes   About this event What happens when we go all out for agreement and support? When we align ourselves emotionally and physically? When everything we say and do adds fuel to our shared fire? This class will introduce you to the magic of matching scenes, where two or more players...
‘In Real Life’ Improv Elective: Silence Is The Move with Amy Dickinson
31st July 2021
‘In Real Life’ Improv Elective: Silence Is The Move with Amy Dickinson   ELECTIVE WORKSHOPS   These one-off workshops are broadly aimed at improvisers with some experience, taught by a host of teachers. These classes explore specialised formats, concepts and styles of improv, and are great for expanding your knowledge after becoming practised at the...
Online Course: Organic Harold
10th August 2021
About this event Intimidated by the cult of the ‘Harold’? Curious as to what the fuss is all about? Want to take a step into long form without losing the freewheeling fun? Or just looking for a way to brush up on your long-form skills? Why not spend eight weeks on the organic Harold with...
Genre Super Elective: Audio Edition!
8th August 2021
A four-session Genre class on audio-based genres- With Jonah Fazel & Rhiannon Jenkins About this event Key information: Date & time: 4 weeks. Sundays from 8th August, 4 pm-6 pm UK TIME Online course Level: Experienced (12 Months+ Experience) Taught by: Jonah Fazel & Rhiannon Jenkins Minimum participants 6, maximum participants 12. What to expect:...
Online Improv Elective: Why Do We Care?
1st August 2021
About this event If you don’t care, we don’t care. Every character needs some motivation, point of view, or something to fight for. It can be almost anything, but you need an objective. That clash of characters’ motives is what drives the scene. Explore how playing with emotional investment, commitment, and heightening, can help you...
Online Improv Elective: Creating Bold + Brash Characters
7th August 2021
About this event Create out of the box characters that will bring vibrancy to all aspects of your improvisation. By examining and developing the tools that allow you to build unique characters from the ground up, we will find performances that you didn’t know you had in you. We will explore improvisational scene work by...
Online Musical Narrative
17th August 2021
About this event Build your own musicals! This advanced music course gives you all the tools you need to sing your way through a narrative storyline. Syllabus includes: Protagonist and Antagonist songs Using song as a storytelling tool Classic song tropes e.g Want songs, Comedy Character songs, 11th Hour numbers Improvising in a musical theatre...
Online Improv Elective: The Gathering
31st July 2021
About this event Immersive experience played out in real-time where you remain in the same character for a set period of time. Moving between different zoom rooms, we’ll build a world and the tapestry of relationships and stories within it. What to expect: Starting as ourselves, we’ll play games, get comfortable together and decide on...