‘IN REAL LIFE’ Organic Harold Course
23rd February 2022
Brighton, UK
‘IN REAL LIFE’ Organic Harold Course   About this event An ‘IN REAL LIFE’ 12-week course in the Harold, split into 6-week part one and part two. Including an introduction to the form, a deep dive into all of its moving parts, and plenty of opportunities to practice, this course aims to demystify the Harold...
‘IN REAL LIFE’ Weekly Improv Comedy Drop-In – Brighton
2nd December 2021
Brighton, UK
‘IN REAL LIFE’ Weekly Improv Comedy Drop-In – Brighton PLEASE NOTE: We have paused our In Real Life improv drop-in throughout January 2022, but will be back from Thursday 3rd February, see you in there! About this Event Our ‘IN REAL LIFE’ weekly drop-in is a wide ability class, so everyone is welcome! It is...
The Improvability Drive
The Maydays combine a shortform improv montage in the first half with a longform finale that conflates earlier games and ideas together into a satisfying whole. “I like to be in at the beginning of something, maybe it’s the Svengali in me – I prefer to see the Arctic Monkeys at The Freebutt, not Wembley...
Pitch That Show
Ideas are pitched live and in the moment every night, for a brand new improvised show inspired by your suggestions. All you have to do is pick your favourite then sit back and watch The Maydays deliver the enticing never before seen show they promised, using their unique blend of improvised comedy, music and theatre....
The Last Ten Years
The Maydays dissect the last decade, using audience recollections from the last 10 years to fuel their critically acclaimed improvised theatre. Expect laughter, sadness, joy, nostalgia…and above all the unexpected. I would definitely recommend seeing The Maydays. You’re absolutely guaranteed a laugh and with a Brighton audience there’s never a dull moment. **** Broadway Baby
The Fringe Show
20th May 2022
Brighton, UK
Taking the Brighton Fringe brochure as their inspiration, The Maydays create an entirely new show every night. Each evening, the audience are asked to choose performances and events from the fringe guide. Tours, workshops, comedy, cabaret, theatre or circus – The Maydays will take any offer from the hat and give it their own special...
The Seagull has Landed
The Seagull has Landed asks the audience for their experiences of Brighton.  Seagulls, beaches, complementary therapies and alternative lifestyles make up Brighton’s eclectic seaside community.  Whether you’re Brighton born and bred, just visiting or came for a holiday and never left, celebrate and explore this crazy city with The Maydays.
Oh Boy! The Quantum Leap Show
Theorising that new episodes are possible within their own lifetime, the Maydays step into the Quantum Leap accelerator and vanish. Paying homage to the classic sci-fi series and based entirely on audience suggestions, the Maydays jump through time to put right what once went wrong. Enjoy a brand new episode every day with some super...