Online Elective: Improvised Film Noir with Stephen Davidson
29th June 2020
Improvised Film Noir About this Event Sultry and cool, Film Noir is an opportunity to embody character archetypes like no others. Step into a world of drama, tension, sex and intrigue, where the struggle between good and evil is real and personal. Challenge yourself to fight and flirt, and possibly to try an accent or...
Online Elective: Standard American Accent with Sophie Pumphrey
15th June 2020
A voice workshop with Sophie Pumphrey About this Event The ability to do different accents can seem magical – but everybody can learn how to move their vocal tract to create new sounds. Find out the basic vocal movements for a Network Standard American Accent, and give your vocal tract a great workout. Sophie Pumphrey is...
Online Elective: Playing Slow with Bill Arnett
27th June 2020
Playing Slow (without being boring) About this Event Playing slow is more than improvising slowly. It requires an appreciation of the subtitles of human behaviour. By leveraging the small shifts that occur from moment to moment we can turn a thirty-second scene into a three-minute scene. Bill Arnett, founder of the Chicago Improv Studio and...
Online Improv Elective: Words That Burn: Improvised Poetry w/ Imogen Palmer
22nd June 2020
Learn to improvise poetry in this online workshop About this Event Improvisers are great storytellers. Imagery and poetic techniques can be a brilliant way to draw our audiences into the story and scorch them with our sizzling play. In this online workshop, we will use tools crafted by great poets to shape and inspire our...
Online Elective: Acting Through Song with Rhiannon Jenkins
8th June 2020
Explore vulnerability and emotional clarity in improvised singing About this Event Do you find yourself at a loss for words when improvising songs? Are your improvised songs coming from your head and not your heart? In this workshop, we will explore exercises and techniques traditionally used in scripted Musical Theatre to help you bring dynamic...
Improvised Shakespeare – Six week online course
8th June 2020
A six-week course in improvising Shakespeare William Shakespeare: the bard, England’s national poet, the world’s greatest dramatist. Untouchable, inimitable… unimprovisable, right? Surely you can’t just ‘make up’ Shakespeare? You absolutely can and it’s beautiful and hilarious in equal measure. Join us on this six-week course where you will achieve the impossible by improvising prose, poetry,...
Online Musical Improv 6 Week Course
3rd June 2020
The Maydays and The Nursery are delighted to announce new six week courses focusing specifically on musical improv online. Your online musical improv course is finally here! 6 weeks of improvising musicals with two of the most experienced teachers on the improv scene. You will have an opportunity to connect with people around the world...
Beginners Online Improv 6 week Course
19th June 2020
A six-week introduction to improvisation. Complete beginners are welcome – you don’t need any previous improv or performing experience. This is the place to start your improv journey! Using games and exercises from fifteen years of putting on shows, our experienced teachers will introduce you to techniques, behaviours and habits of mind that will make...