Improv for Business: Group Dynamics

The Maydays business improv course in London is an open group programme, allowing you to book a place as an individual, without needing to form a group in your own company.

Whilst there are lots of benefits from our custom improv for business programmes, sometimes, you might just want to stretch your improv muscles amongst strangers. You can skill-up, tinker with your comfort zone and have some space to laugh and let go without worrying about who’s looking.

Your position in business is not important whoever you are.  You will be with a mix of people across all areas of business and this helps provide a range of personalities and people to interact with.

Improv for Business: programme contents

The business improv course is universally accessible. People often think they need to be funny, ‘quick-witted’ or have experience of stand-up.  That is simply not true.  Improvisation thrives because of the diversity of styles and skills that people already have, and some they didn’t know they had.  All we ask is that you bring yourself and be yourself, whether that be confident, scared, unsure or anything else.

You will experience a carefully crafted programme based on the huge experience our facilitators have built up from over a decade in the Improv for Business sector.  Gone are the awkward role-playing scenes that play to the natural extroverts.  Instead, we create a space of inclusion, acceptance and collaboration.  You will laugh, play, rediscover your inner child and find a new appreciation for yourself and other people.

Each day is slightly different as we adapt to you and your fellow participants and each session has a different emphasis, meaning that you can get a lot from a one-off session, but equally you can book in advance to have a regular dose of improv throughout the year.

Every programme is CPD accredited, so the points can count towards your personal development or annual training plan.

Improv course outcomes

Each session we run will include exercises to develop:

–    Self-confidence and interpersonal skills

–    Ability to make strong decisions in real-time

–    Group collaboration and teamwork

–    Presentation and communication skills

–    Agility and free-thinking

–    Active listening skills and concentration

–    Positive attitudes to being out of your comfort zone

In addition, this particular session will have a focus on: Group Dynamics

  • Working as part of a team can be very frustrating with people falling into well-worn roles and falling into repeating patterns of miscommunication and inefficiency.  Business Improv Training helps to know when to lead and when to follow.  Learn to listen, accept and build on other people’s ideas and be more confident in your own.
  • Teamwork is about supporting each other and receiving support in return.  Ideas need to be explored before being shut down, the quietest person in the room needs to be heard and the loudest needs to listen more.  Improv is a great leveller across hierarchies and personality types.  Success is only possible when everyone is looking after each other.
  • By the end of the session, you’ll feel more confident in a team, more respectful of other people’s behaviours and patterns and more confident in your own.

Who is this course suitable for?

This course is intended for people working in a business setting, regardless of position on the pay scale. Whilst many of the participants will be business owners, executives, leaders and managers from all backgrounds, no one will feel out of place. Our central London training venue is suitable for people with limited mobility. If you have any special requirements you’d like us to be aware of, please email us for advice or information.

Date: 15th July 2020

Time: Arrive from 13.45 for a 14:00 start and a 17:00 finish

Individual Cost: £250p/p+service fee
Group booking: £200p/p+service fee when 2+ book onto the same workshop

Venue: Faber Creative Spaces, Bloomsbury House, 74-77 Great Russell St, Holborn, London WC1B 3DA

Nearest transport links:

Nearest tube: 5-minute walk from Holborn Station (Central & Piccadilly Line), a 7-minute walk from Tottenham Court Road Station (Northern & Central Line).

Nearest bus stop: British Museum (Stop W) no. 14 bus.

Parking: The venue does not have parking, but there is a car park just across the road in Bloomsbury Square.




Would you prefer a customised business improv programme? Contact us with details of your plan, and we’ll come straight back to you. Or read more about our custom business improv programmes HERE.

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