Improvised Shakespeare – Six week online course

A six-week course in improvising Shakespeare

William Shakespeare: the bard, England’s national poet, the world’s greatest dramatist. Untouchable, inimitable… unimprovisable, right? Surely you can’t just ‘make up’ Shakespeare? You absolutely can and it’s beautiful and hilarious in equal measure. Join us on this six-week course where you will achieve the impossible by improvising prose, poetry, insults, soliloquies, asides, sonnets, maybe even a play within a play, and more, in the style of Shakespeare.

We will delve into the real works for inspiration, but not so much we get lost in it. Using a range of techniques and games, a mixture of short and long form improvisation, and a touch of parody, we’ll have Shakespeare’s quill putting words straight into our mouths.

Exploring the range of Shakespeare’s genres and themes – comedic, tragic, historic, and the simply weird; we’ll become improvised royals and nobles, fools, witches, ‘rude mechanicals’, unrequited lovers, witty youths, warriors and fairies.

Who is it for?

If you’re interested in making up Shakespeare-style scenes and have about a year of improvisation experience, then you! No previous study or performance of Shakespeare is necessary.


This course runs for 6 weeks from 8th June, 8 pm-9.30 pm each week in a zoom room.


General: £90.00
NHS/Concession/Unwaged: £75.00
General plus donation: £150.00


About the Teacher:

Rebecca Macmillan has been improvising and teaching in the UK and across Europe with the Maydays for ages. It started about 16 years ago and she was there then. Her own training has been with an extensive list of improv teachers, mostly from the US. She has a special interest in performing and teaching genre-based improv, and is thrilled to be among the cast of a number of such shows: The Maydays’ Happily Never After, Closer Each Day’s Steamed! An Improvised Dickens Novel, The Adventures of the Improvised Sherlock Holmes, and she’s an original and current cast member of Impromptu Shakespeare. Improvising Shakespeare is one of her very favourite things to teach and to further explore, and to connect with the real thing she enjoys singing the sonnets with The Shakespeare Heptet.


Rebecca is one of our founding members and taught the very first Maydays beginners course. She has trained at iO Chicago. As well as the Maydays she performs with Impromptu Shakespeare & The Improvised Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, and in the past has graced the stage with Mothers Uncorked, BiteSize, The Treason Show, Voodoo Vaudeville...
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