Intro to Longform Music

Intro to Longform Music – 4-week course

In this short musical longform intro course you’ll have 4 weeks to dip your toes in the water of improvising musicals with the Maydays. Building on the beginner’s musical course you will explore more song structures and ways of using music and singing in your improv scenes.  The emphasis is slightly more towards scenic and longform elements of musical improv

What can I expect?

  • Musical games and exercises
  • Different vocal styles and ranges
  • Scenes going into songs
  • Putting together longer runs of scenes and songs or a musical piece

In this course, we will be learning the basics of stagecraft, musical theatre and presentation.   Singing is scary for so many people so we will also be finding out how to support vocally and physically.

Who is this course suitable for?

  • Adults aged 18 – 100
  • People who survived and enjoyed beginners musical improv (or those who are happy to jump in!)
  • Anyone looking to expand their range of performance musical improvisation skills.
  • People who have done our longform course who would like to introduce music into their work

This 4-week intro course will be hosted by Maydays Directors, Heather Urquhart and Joe Samuels on keys. The course runs on Tuesday nights from 2nd July to 23rd July, 7pm-9.30pm at The Maydays Studio, 12A Regency Square, Brighton.

“I enjoyed everything that we did and felt the course was very well structured and the progression through the weeks was beautifully tailored to our needs. The teachers brought joy and laughter each week and encouraged us to try out ideas in an informative, supportive and constructive atmosphere.”


£99.00 or book before 16th June for an Early Bird Discount for just £90.00!



Joe is the Director and Musical Director of The Maydays.  He is a classically trained pianist and violinist and is one of only a handful of professional improviser musicians in the world.  He has directed and played for a baffling array of improv troupes both in the UK and across Europe as well, as playing...
Heather trained in Physical Theatre and has studied improvisation at Chicago’s I.O theatre and Annoyance. She improvises with the Olivier Award winning Showstopper! The ImprovisedMusical and is one of the directors of The Maydays. Her duo improv show ‘Ten Thousand Million Love Stories’ has also toured extensively most recently to Texas, Montreal and Karachi. Heather’s other regular improv exploits...
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