Maydays Women’s Workshop

How does it feel and what does it mean to be a woman in improv? How do we play men, and with men? And how can we all play women in a nuanced, realistic way? When does gender really matter for a character? Where and when do we feel power or disempowerment in improvisation?

The first in a series of biannual events from The Maydays for female-identifying improvisers, The Maydays Women’s workshop is an afternoon of improv chats, laughter and play, led by experienced (female) Maydays coaches. It centres on doing the improv you want to do in an atmosphere that makes that not just possible, but easy and joyful.

Whatever your experiences of improvising in mixed groups and whatever your experience level, the Maydays invite you to this free event at the Maydays studio 2 to 5 pm on the 21st of October, followed by a drink in the Sovereign.

This event is now fully booked, but we’re running a waiting list, so click the button above and pop your name down 🙂

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