Online Acting for Improvisers Course

Online Acting for Improvisers Course

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The wonderful thing about improvisation is that anybody can do it. Anybody can get on stage and play a game or a scene, finding joy, confidence and creativity, as well as a sense of community and connection with the other players. But to create improv that is professional in quality, improvisers are wise to borrow some skills from acting. The ability not just to listen and build, but to share the process and the result in a way that communicates to the audience. These skills will help you feel liberated and empowered on stage as well as allowing you to work less hard to delight your audience.

In this course, you will be introduced to core theatrical techniques that can be quickly and easily applied to an improvised show. You will learn not just to play a character, but a person, naturally living and responding on the stage simply and easily commanding a room and charming an audience.

Syllabus includes:

  • The psychology of performance – what goes on inside you when you’re performing, including adrenaline and nerves
  • Emotional openness and expression. Expressing emotions openly, but safely and how to step out of a character or scene.
  • How to hold the room – create theatrically truthful performances, staying present with your partner and captivating the audience.
  • Physical and vocal transformation How to enjoy making your characters look and sound different from yourself

Min. participants 6, max. participants 12.

Liz Peters trained as an actress at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts and has worked extensively on stage and screen. She was nominated Best Female Performer at Brighton Fringe for Toybox, a musical comedy she wrote and produced, and has worked with British comedy institutions Newsrevue and The Treason Show, as well as in films, commercials and immersive theatre.

Liz travels the world performing and teaching improvisation and is part of Ohana – The European Improvisers Project. She is the creator and host of Unplanned Cabaret, performs with The Concept, The Bumper Blyton Improvised Adventure and regularly guests in other productions.

In addition to performing, Liz is a certified Embodied Facilitator and coaches people to have more impact and feel at ease in the spotlight. On her YouTube channel, ‘Bonafide Human Club’ Liz shares tips from the fields of improvisation and embodiment to help people enjoy life more.

This experienced course runs every Thursday evening from 7th January to 11th February, 7.30 pm-9.30 pm GMT

Experienced (18 months+) A class for skilful players, especially those who have finished improv training programmes at your school and are looking to widen your horizons. These classes will make the assumption that you are comfortable performing longform improvisation and will push you.

Whatever the level of ability required, all of our classes are safe, supportive environments led by our experienced teachers. Please email us if you are unsure whether a class is suitable for you. If you sign up for a class inappropriate to your level the Nursery/Maydays reserved the right to remove you from the class without refund.

Image credit: Mathieu van den Berk

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