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“A sensitive and exploratory way of looking at creativity.” Lesley Wilson, Songwriter


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Creativity is the practice of noticing what is happening, breaking habits and learning in order to make more interesting decisions. We all have the potential to be creative, whether that be in writing, drawing and music, or in the kitchen or in business. Though it can seem mysterious, creativity is not magic, but a set of learnable, trainable skills that will help you find empowered flow.

Apart from being enjoyable, the skills of creativity are necessary. Faced with a global economy that is both unpredictable and unstable, being creative can make us more resilient, sensitive and persistent.

Combining insights from a variety of fields, this course combines practical exercises and theoretical learning with opportunities for reflection and discussion. Over the eight two hour sessions, you will unpick the myths and assumptions you have about creativity and your own experience of it, understand better what you can do and how you do it. In small groups, you will learn to see opportunities for creativity everywhere so that it becomes an everyday part of your life. Not a miracle, but a learnable craft and satisfying practice.

Based on an upcoming book, this course is designed both for those with a current creative practice and those looking to build one. You can take the class with a specific project in mind, or just to expand your skills. Between sessions you will be given optional tasks to work on, which can be part of your project if you have one. All you will need for the sessions themselves is a pen, paper and your beverage of choice.

What people say

“A workshop which teaches you how small steps everyday are effective in the creative process.” – Maro Lesioti, Actress

“Free yourself of the burden of expectations and learn more about yourself as an artist and a human.” – Isabel Brodie

“This course helps you work out the joy of getting to the creative mindset, rather than seeing it as a struggle.” – Tulasi Das, Producer

“A heap of exercises that I can return to, and each one definitely gave me a light bulb moment” – Sophie Rose, Writer/Performer

Min. participants 6, max. participants 14.

If we have to cancel the event due to low numbers, we will do this with 24hours notice (and you will receive a warning 48 hours before the course if this looks likely).

Jules Munns

Jules’ background is as an improviser, director and teacher. Over the last ten years, he has toured the world making up stories, scenes and (badly) songs. He was one of the founders of the Nursery Theatre and performs with the multi-award winning Maydays, as well as Fringe favourite Impromptu Shakespeare. Jules never saw himself as a creative person, but someone who has learnt to be one.

This course runs every Wednesday afternoon from 3rd March to 21st April, 2 pm – 4 pm GMT

Jules Munns Since graduating from the Guildhall School, Jules has trained with improv luminaries from Keith Johnstone to Patti Stiles, David Razowsky to Armando Diaz. He was one of the founders of the Nursery, where he was Artistic Director for over a decade, directing and creating numerous shows and teams and running both the corporate...
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