Online Duos Improv Course

Online Duos Improv Course

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‘Twoprov’, or ‘duos’ are shows with only two improvisers in. It’s as simple and as complex as that. There is no one else to please and no one else to satisfy. Ranging from the frenetic Two-man Movie to the chatty Bassprov, the art of a duo is to create a show that is so personal to the two of you that no one else could ever be in it. The show just *is* the two of you.

In this course, you will examine how to make a show with just you and a buddy to rely on. Where the two of you are all you have. You will uncover new ways of playing and form them into your own show which is specific to you. You will also examine how to warm up and rehearse as a duo, as well as how to feedback constructively without a director or coach.

The skills learnt here will make you a more confident, flexible player, responding and adding to the show you are playing, however many people there are.

Course Syllabus includes:

  • Sustaining longer scenes and playing multiple characters
  • Different styles of duo shows
  • Building a show particular to the players
  • Editing and structuring from within a scene

Students are free to enrol alone or with an existing duo partner (or more than one) and your teacher will balance your time with different combinations.

Min. participants 6, max. participants 12.

Chris Mead is a UK-based performer and theatre-maker who teaches and coaches improvisation in London and around the world. He is one of the co-Artistic Directors of The Nursery and tours internationally with The Maydays and sci-fi duo Project2. In 2020 he founded The Improv Place (a dedicated social network just for improvisers) with Katy Schutte. He is also the host of YesBot, a podcast about the theory and craft of improv.

This advanced course runs every Friday afternoon from 8th January to 2nd April (With a break on 19th February), 3 pm – 5 pm GMT

Advanced (3 years +) This is our highest level of class. These classes are recommended for improvisers who are regularly rehearsing and performing with a team.

Whatever the level of ability required, all of our classes are safe, supportive environments led by our experienced teachers. Please email us if you are unsure whether a class is suitable for you. If you sign up for a class inappropriate to your level the Nursery/Maydays reserved the right to remove you from the class without refund.

Chris Mead Chris is a UK-based performer and theatre-maker who teaches and coaches improvisation in London. He studied theatre at Royal Holloway College, University of London and improvisation at iO and The Annoyance Theatre in Chicago. He teaches for Hoopla Impro and serves as one of the artistic directors of The Nursery Theatre. Chris improvises...
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