Online Freeform Improv Course

Online Freeform Improv Course

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This Experienced level course runs every Friday for 6 weeks from 6th November to 11th December, 7.30 pm-9.30 pm GMT.

Experienced (18 months+) A class for skilful players, especially those who have finished improv training programmes at their school and are looking to widen their horizons. These classes will make the assumption that you are comfortable performing longform improvisation and will push you.

Toss out the rulebook and follow the fun: this is improvisation at its most playful.

What happens when we let go of rules and formats? When we perform exactly the show that needs to be performed today? When we stop worrying about where we’re supposed to be and just play?

Freeform is exhilarating, liberating and joyful. Whether you’re looking for the next step in your improv journey, or you’re simply keen to rediscover those wonderful feelings of inspiration and mischief, freeform will open up new worlds for you.

In this Nursery/Maydays Online Freeform course, you’ll learn the techniques that make for seamless, well-timed edits and allow you to always follow the fun. You’ll gain a broader understanding of theme and how to perform improv that is not only entertaining but also meaningful and alive to all possibilities. You’ll also revisit well-known games and skills to see how freeform improv builds on what you already know, to create vibrant, dynamic theatre.

Syllabus includes:

  • Edits: how to move between scenes with maximum pace, inspiration and theatricality
  • Theme: how to make sense of your show when anything can happen
  • Pacing: how to invest in a variety of scenes, and pay them off for impact and comedy
  • What the show needs: how to be playful and confident, but always at the service of the show

Minimum 4 participants, maximum 12

Dan Ryan has been performing in freeform teams since 2012, including Nursery house team Parkin. He has played and coached in a number of different European countries.

Dan Ryan Dan is a London-based improviser and coach, and currently plays in Nursery house team Parkin, and in Soundcheck, the show of amusing musical musings. After doing his first improv show in Slovenia in the late nineties, he co-founded Barcelona Improv Group in 2011, before joining Ripcord, London’s first freeform team, in 2014. His...
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