Online Improv Elective: Group games and group mind

Online Improv Elective: Group games and group mind

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This experienced elective runs Saturday 14th November, 4 – 6.30 pm GMT

Experienced (18 months+) A class for skilful players, especially those who have finished improv training programmes at their school and are looking to widen their horizons. These classes will make the assumption that you are comfortable performing longform improvisation and will push you.

The Nursery/Maydays longform electives are classes on specific aspects of longform improvisation Some of these classes focus on skills and some on forms, some on narrative ideas and some on Chicago-style longform. In these classes, students will have the opportunity to play side coached longform sets with particular focuses and feedback from the teacher.

Most improv is a group activity. Though our greatest moments may seem individual, they often come from the genius of what the group has created. But how do we lose ourselves in a group without losing our individuality? How can a group create new and interesting games in the absence of pre-decided patterns? And how do we do all of this online?

Starting with some classic groups games and exercises, then applying those principles to organic group work, this class will help you to balance your contribution to the group with close observation of what is already happening to create something that is truly original without ever trying to be so.

Class includes:

  • Noticing and losing yourself in a simple group activity
  • Adding tiny bits to the game to create something original and fresh
  • Taking scene inspiration from group games and vice versa

Min. 4 – Max. 8

Britt Pay is an improvisational actor, teacher, and comedian with over six years of experience. She is a founding member of Classic Andy and has performed at Camden Fringe, Faversham Fringe, and Edinburgh Improv Festival. She regularly performs at Breaking & Entering’s The Playground, one of London’s most popular improv nights; a cast member of Unbridled: a Jilly Cooper Improvised Show. Britt has trained with teachers from Hoopla, The Hideout Theatre, The Nursery, The Second City and The iO Theatre.

NB: Our electives frequently sell out, but do not despair if this class has. You have not missed your shot. If enough people join the waiting list, we are often able to put the same class on a few days after or in parallel. So if you were excited, join up and we will be in touch.

Britt Pay Britt is an improviser, comedian and marketer, who grew up in Sydney, Australia. She is a founding member of Classic Andy and has featured at Camden Fringe Festival and The Edinburgh Improv Festival. Since 2017, she has performed regularly at Breaking & Entering’s The Playground. In 2019, she joined the cast of Unbridled,...
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