Online Improv Elective: Growing Old Playfully

Online Improv Elective: Growing Old Playfully

Online Improv Elective: Growing Old Playfully


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Have you noticed you’re often the (much) older person in an improv room? Do classmates mean well but sometimes say weird stuff? This workshop is a safe space where we’ll learn and practise specifically designed exercises that playfully tackle ageist offers. Expect to feel empowered and to have a lot of fun.

This Elective is for nearly new improvisers aged 54 years and over.

In this Elective, you’ll:

  • Learn strategies that support and protect your fun (even when your scene partner brings some age-related ‘weird’).
  • Drill some clear responses to get you out of ageism-based trouble.
  • Discover how to be an ally in a scene where older age has been foregrounded.
  • Unleash both your inner curmudgeon and your inner teen!

Min. participants 6, max. participants 14. If we have to cancel the event due to low numbers, we will do this with 24 hours notice.

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Victoria Hogg is an online improv comedy performer and facilitator. Based in the UK, Vic uses Zoom daily to support individuals and teams to reach their best potential via The Offer Bank. She is proud to teach The Nursery Theatre’s Youth Improv Club programme. Vic remembers when this was all trees.

This intermediate elective is Wednesday 26th May, 7 – 9.30 pm BST

We offer free places for all online drop-ins and electives in order to make sure that the fun and community of improvisation is available to as many people as possible across the globe. Free tickets available to those who are unable to afford them. Option to Buy a place, Give a place – for yourself and a place for someone less able to afford it.

Intermediate (3/6 months+) These classes will be opportunities to add tools to your growing toolbox. Normally these classes will expect players to be confident playing scenes. These classes will provide practice and specific new skills.

Closed captioning is available in all of our classes and courses. If you need any information on how to access this in zoom, please contact

Vic Hogg Vic is a facilitator for our Online Kids & Teens Improv courses. Vic is an experienced improvisation teacher who has taught young people as an important part of her work for nearly a decade. She runs weekly improv clubs in various schools, including Dulwich Prep London. Vic also devises creative sessions that support...
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