Online Improv Elective: Juggling the Grenade: Working with Satire

Online Improv Elective: Juggling the Grenade: Working with Satire

Juggling the Grenade: Working with satire, and other potentially explosive content – Safely!


About this Event


It is much easier to work with satirical, political, or blue material when one has the benefit of revisions and the sounding board of the writer’s room. But how do experienced improvisers juggle the grenade of hot topics on the fly without unintentionally missing the target? This class will work with techniques for advanced play that help you push the boundaries and break the rules – without breaking your fellow scene partners!

What you can expect in this course:

  • Playing at the top of your intelligence
  • Satire! We will dive into what it means and then use it as a tool for improvisation.
  • Techniques for how to juggle the grenade safely.
  • Exercises focused on establishing intention and evaluating impact.

Min. participants 6, max. participants 12. If we have to cancel the event due to low numbers, we will do this with 24 hours notice.

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Sheri Flanders is a Chicago-based multi-hyphenate artist, and is an actor, comedian, writer, and visual artist. Sheri is an instructor at the Second City Training Center in the improv and music departments. She performs with the sketch and improv duo FLANDERS, is the head writer for Choice the Musical, a comedy about Abortion, and has been featured on many podcasts speaking about comedy and social justice. As a journalist, she has covered the Sundance Film Festival and her work has been featured in several publications including the Chicago Sun-Times, The Chicago Reader, Rescripted and McSweeney’s. She also holds a BFA in Fashion Design. WTF? I know, right?

This Experienced elective runs Sunday 6th June, 3pm – 5.30 pm BST

Experienced (18 months+) A class for skilful players, especially those who have finished improv training programmes at their school and are looking to widen their horizons. These classes will make the assumption that you are comfortable performing longform improvisation and will push you.

Whatever the level of ability required, all of our classes are safe, supportive environments led by our experienced teachers. Please email us if you are unsure whether a class is suitable for you. If you sign up for a class inappropriate to your level the Nursery/Maydays reserved the right to remove you from the class without refund.

We offer free places for all online drop-ins and electives in order to make sure that the fun and community of improvisation is available to as many people as possible across the globe. Free tickets available to those who are unable to afford them. Option to Buy a place, Give a place – for yourself and a place for someone less able to afford it.

NB: Our electives frequently sell out, but do not despair if this class has. You have not missed your shot. If enough people join the waiting list, we are often able to put the same class on a few days after or in parallel. So if you were excited, join up and we will be in touch.

Closed captioning is available in all of our classes and courses. If you need any information on how to access this in zoom, please contact

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