Online Improv Elective: Second Beats

online improv elective - Second Beats
Second Beats

About this Event

The Nursery/Maydays longform electives are classes on specific aspects of longform improvisation Some of these classes focus on skills and some on forms, some on narrative ideas and some on Chicago-style longform. In these classes, students will have the opportunity to play side coached longform sets with particular focuses and feedback from the teacher.

First scenes are easy, right? Just make up some characters and see what happens. But what happens after? Where do you go in the dreaded ‘middle of the show’? Or the second beat of the Harold? How can you be inspired in a variety of different ways to make clear, interesting choices? This workshop will show you a wide variety of ways to take an idea forward without using the same characters again. You will examine pattern, context, mood status relationships, locations, consequences and more, all to give you the tools to open up and explore ideas and keep the momentum of your show rolling.

Class includes:

  • What to look for in a scene and how to initiate from those ideas
  • How to initiate to inspire your partner
  • Looking for variety in a set

Juwel Haque is an improvisation teacher, actor, and director. He teaches classes and courses in long-form for The Nursery, where he is also a producer. Juwel performs regularly with Somewhat Theatre, Comediasians, and many other projects. He has trained with the best British and American improv schools and teachers and has significant experience in short-form and narrative and discursive long-form.

This intermediate elective runs Saturday 27th February, 4 pm – 6.30 pm GMT – BOOK NOW!

Intermediate (3/6 months+) These classes will be opportunities to add tools to your growing toolbox. Normally these classes will expect players to be confident playing scenes. These classes will provide practice and specific new skills.

NB: Our electives frequently sell out, but do not despair if this class has. You have not missed your shot. If enough people join the waiting list, we are often able to put the same class on a few days after or in parallel. So if you were excited, join up and we will be in touch.

Juwel Haque Juwel is an improvisation actor and director. He is the creator/director of United, an improv show with the spirit of a sports team. He also performs absurdist theatrical long-form with Somewhat Theatre, Theatresports and Maestro with Story Kitchen Impro, his solo games act Player One, and features on other projects including former Nursery...
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