Online Improv Elective: Why Do We Care?

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About this event

If you don’t care, we don’t care. Every character needs some motivation, point of view, or something to fight for. It can be almost anything, but you need an objective. That clash of characters’ motives is what drives the scene. Explore how playing with emotional investment, commitment, and heightening, can help you make strong choices you can hold onto while supporting your scene partner in scenes that are as fun to play as they are to watch!

What to expect in this elective:

  • Initiating a scene with a clear point of view.
  • Discovering objective, relationship, and status in the moment.
  • Supporting your partner by being true to your character’s POV

If we have to cancel the event due to low numbers, we will do this with 24 hours notice.

Nick Condon has been improvising, teaching, directing and coaching for over two decades and has performed in nearly every state. A Minneapolis native, he studied and performed at The Brave New Workshop Comedy Theater. In 2006 he moved to Alaska where he served as Creative Director of Denali Drama and Iditaprov. Now in Portland with Curious Comedy, he continues to perform, teach, and create customized shows, workshops, and events for festivals, corporations, and nonprofits all over the world.

This Intermediate elective runs Sunday 1st August, 7.00-9.30 pm BST.

Intermediate (3 months+) These classes will be opportunities to add tools to your growing toolbox. Normally these classes will expect players to be confident playing scenes. These classes will provide practice and specific new skills.

Scholarships and Bursaries:

We offer full and partial scholarships for all online courses in order to make sure that the fun and community of improvisation is available to as many people as possible across the globe.

You are encouraged to apply if you would not normally be able to:

  • Afford these courses
  • Be unlikely to attend a course for any other reason

No set criteria

Apply HERE for any course that is live on the Maydays or Nursery website

Closed captioning is available in all of our classes and courses. If you need any information on how to access this in zoom, please contact [email protected]


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