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Our Selection Boxes are improv intensives with all the intensity taken out.


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The turkey is finished, the relatives have gone home and the presents weren’t very satisfying to begin with. There’s nothing to do now but hunker down under the duvet and watch bad television.

Or is there?

Our Selection Boxes are improv intensives with all the intensity taken out. Just messing around and doing what we love: making things up with lovely people. Four days, four workshops with four different teachers. A riotous refreshing blast of creativity, energy, and fun to brighten the shortest days of the year*, they will connect you with people across the world

Not part of our normal level pathway, these classes are opportunities to try things out, both for you and for our teachers. Some are taught by our own teachers and some by guests. They will stretch you, tickle you and give you the best possible start to what we all hope is a better year. Go on, get yourself a little treat.

Disclaimer: These classes will probably not teach you any improv skills. Though they might.

This year, we are offering three different Selection Boxes.

Improv Selection Box

27th Dec – Jon Nguyen

28th Dec – Dan Ryan

29th Dec – Jen Rowe

30th Dec – Juwel Haque

Improv Musical Selection Box (Musician – Joe Samuel)

27th Dec – TBC

28th Dec – Cy Barlow

29th Dec – TBC

30th Dec – Lloydie James Lloyd

Improv Genre Selection Box

27th Dec – Juwel Haque

28th Dec – Jon Nguyen

29th Dec – Chris Mead

30th Dec – Jen Rowe

*If you are in the Northern hemisphere

Intermediate (3/6 months+) These classes will be opportunities to add tools to your growing toolbox. They will expect you to be confident in playing scenes.

Whatever the level of ability required, all of our classes are safe, supportive environments led by our experienced teachers. Please email us if you are unsure whether a class is suitable for you. If you sign up for a class inappropriate to your level the Nursery/Maydays reserved the right to remove you from the class without refund.

Jon Nguyen Jon is an improviser based in Norwich, UK, he believes that fun, connectivity and inclusion should be present in all improv. He plays with Unbridled – A Nursery Original, The Dogface Allstars, Michelle – A Hoopla House Team, Wretched Hive Comedy, The Comediasians and The Improvised Play. He has appeared at the Edinburgh...
Dan Ryan Dan is a London-based improviser and coach, and currently plays in Nursery house team Parkin, and in Soundcheck, the show of amusing musical musings. After doing his first improv show in Slovenia in the late nineties, he co-founded Barcelona Improv Group in 2011, before joining Ripcord, London’s first freeform team, in 2014. His...
Juwel Haque Juwel is an improvisation actor and director. He is the creator/director of United, an improv show with the spirit of a sports team. He also performs absurdist theatrical long-form with Somewhat Theatre, Theatresports and Maestro with Story Kitchen Impro, his solo games act Player One, and features on other projects including former Nursery...
Lloydie James Lloyd Lloydie is an improviser from Nottingham who performs with The Maydays and also with Rhymes Against Humanity – the improvised musical in Nottingham. He performs and teaches around the world and is the host of The Improv Chronicle Podcast, a documentary podcast for improvisers. Lloydie trained at UCB (New York), iO and...
Chris Mead Chris is a UK-based performer and theatre-maker who teaches and coaches improvisation in London. He studied theatre at Royal Holloway College, University of London and improvisation at iO and The Annoyance Theatre in Chicago. He teaches for Hoopla Impro and serves as one of the artistic directors of The Nursery Theatre. Chris improvises...
Joe Samuel Joe is the Musical Director of The Maydays.  He is a classically trained pianist and violinist and is one of only a handful of professional improviser musicians in the world.  He has directed and played for a baffling array of improv troupes both in the UK and across Europe as well, as playing...
Jen Rowe Jen trained at ACT Brighton and now teaches there on a regular basis. Her credits include dreamthinkspeak (Underground) and Fringe-first nominated Bite-size Plays. She has toured with The Foundry Group and played Ero in The Widow’s Tears for the Shakespeare’s Globe ‘Read Not Dead’ series. She is an actor, voiceover artist, writer and...
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